DVD-R and FLAC files - problems!!!

  Gaz W 17:44 03 Jul 2004

A friend burned two DVD-R discs full of (mainly) FLAC audio files (about 40MB per track). These played fine in my PC just off the DVD drive using Winamp and the FLAC codec. This was about a month ago, and I've been playing them since. I took the disc downstairs to my other PC yesterday. It started playing one and then near the end (after about 4 minutes, with 1:23 to go) it stopped with an error, telling me that it was due to a corrupt FLAC file or a hardware malfunction. This seems to be happening on quite a few of the files, so I've managed to copy the ones onto my hard disk that are OK; the others don't work even when copied to the hard disk.

The error I get is a Winamp message box titled "FLAC Plug-in Error". It says:

"Error while processing frame

This error is caused by corrupted file or hardware malfunction."

Since it's happened on two PCs with three DVD drives I can rule out hardware malfunction, so it must be that the files are somehow corrupt. Is it possible that a really cheap DVD-R could be responsible? The disc looks to be in decent condition, with only the slightest surface scratch, but I wouldn't even call it a scratch to be honest. Other than that its condition is immaculate.

Is there any way I can save my FLAC files or will I need a new disc full?

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