DVD-R blank disk not recognised by SONY DWU-22D Wr

  dregn 07:11 05 Jan 2005

I have just fitted a new SONY DWU-22D Writer to friends' PC running Win XP Pro.

I set the jumper for the new drive as ' master' and for the existing CD/RW drive as 'slave'.

On boot up the BIOS showed the drives as expected and the new drive as Sony DVD.

I put a brand new TDK DVD-R disk in the new drive. On trying to access the disk in 'My Computer' the message came up as '( Drive letter:\ ) is not accessible.INCORRECT FUNCTION.'

Right clicking on the drive's 'Properties' showed the drive as full ( blue )

Going to 'Disk Management' in ' Administrative Tools' showed the drive as a CD drive and 'location' as 0. I attempted to change the drive letter to 'Y' but it was not executed.

There is no problem running CDs in the drive and when I put a commercial DVD movie in the drive it was recognised as a DVD but with a message that the correct DVD Decoder was not fitted ( I have since downloaded DVD XPack from InterVideo.) but have not yet loaded it in the subject PC.

The SONY drive was OEM and came with no software. The drive is not referred to on any SONY website so it is not possible to download a specific driver. I assumed that the Win XP Plug and Play capability would be sufficient.

I feel I am overlooking something fairly simple but important. If any one has run into this problem or is able to suggest a way forward I would be most grateful. Also, my friends want their computer back !

  €dstowe 09:32 05 Jan 2005

It is essential to have DVD playing software installed before you can watch DVDs.

  dregn 10:07 05 Jan 2005


Thank you for that.

I principally wish to enable burning to the blank DVD-Rs and therefore want to see a blank disk recognised as such.

What do you mean by DVD playing software ?

  TomJerry 10:12 05 Jan 2005

DVD writer and media just like men and women, not every pair live happy together

No software is needed for just read data DVD. But, burning is another matter. You need burning software such as Nero (you can download a fully working trail version click here) or Roxio.

XP can write on CD, but not DVD.

If you want to play DVD movie, you need movie playing software such as PowerDVD or WinDVD.

  TomJerry 10:14 05 Jan 2005

XP does not have native support for DVD burning.

  pj123 10:34 05 Jan 2005

Did we miss the point here? I get the impression that dregn is trying to access a blank disc in My Computer/Explorer.

As well as all the above responses being valid the disc has to have some form of data/files/video on it first before it can be accessed.

  €dstowe 10:38 05 Jan 2005

dregn states that a commercial DVD is not recognised correctly. He also states that he has DVD XPack but not installed it.

There does need to be some form of DVD playing software installed before a video DVD can be seen.

  pj123 15:25 05 Jan 2005

€dstowe, true, but that's been covered in the previous responses. I was just pointing out that no one had addressed the:

"I put a brand new TDK DVD-R disk in the new drive. On trying to access the disk in 'My Computer' the message came up as '( Drive letter:\ ) is not accessible.INCORRECT FUNCTION."

  Technotiger 15:32 05 Jan 2005

Hi, just a thought - did you put your new drive on the end slot on the cable? if so, change connections of both drives so that Master is on middle slot of cable i.e. Nearest the mobo, Slave should be on the end of cable slot.


  rickf 15:42 05 Jan 2005

dregn, it could be down to the brand of the dvd media. I have two different DVD burners in 2 comps. I recently bought some DVD-Rs which would not be recognised in one but happily burns in the other.

  rickf 15:44 05 Jan 2005

BTW, I have found that the best dvd writable dics for me are those with Ritek GO4 dye. It comes under different brands and you could always check what dye it is on the dics. Apparently Ritek GO5 is fine too.Hope this helps.

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