dvd quality for different prices?

  eddiejackr 14:26 08 Dec 2006

I just bought some dvds in maplin that were £3 each (dual layer +R)because I wanted them today. On the net I see similar for just over £1 each. Apart from any obvious differences such as jewel cases / postage cost/delay etc - what is the difference between DVDs costing £3 and those costing £1. Is there a quality difference? The ones from Maplin are not a major brand.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

  Pamy 16:36 08 Dec 2006

Hi eddiejackr, I'm sure that there is a difference in quality, but I always buy the cheapest I can get, usually from a computer fair, no probs yet

  postie24 18:39 08 Dec 2006

The difference is the quality of the dye coating.Use a make of disc that has high grade dye,it should prevent your recording from freezing and generally playing up on playback.I do a lot of burning and i use verbatim discs click here

  eddiejackr 19:29 08 Dec 2006

thanks for that - have looked at the web site
leads to another question - sorry for my ignorance - 2.4x 4x 8x - how much difference does it make? My DVD +Rs are 1-16x. My pricey Maplin DVD +R DLs are 2.4x.

  postie24 12:45 09 Dec 2006

Hiya,ive always used 16x,never had a problem with burning at that speed.It is recommended that burning at lower speeds say 4x,gives you less errors,but like i say all my 16x discs have never caused any problems.It will take longer to burn the data on a slower speed disc,but if your happy waiting the extra time,the 2.4x are fine.Also depends if your drive supports 16x,most new drives do,cheers,postie23

  eddiejackr 13:07 09 Dec 2006

thanks all - will check as resolved

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