dvd problems

  sidley 22:06 14 Sep 2008

i have been downloading and burning films for a little while but have learned the hard way by myself so im not 100% sure if the way i do it is correct. My question is that no matter what software i use to convert and burn whenever i try the burnt dvd on my surround sound player it only ever works through the two front speakers, can anyone tell me what software i need to make this work properly or what im doing wrong. This is driving me mad now so please help.

  eedcam 22:27 14 Sep 2008

Unless you have surround sound in the original file you wont have it in the burnt dvd.I'm talking realsurround as Dolby 5:1 or DTS.Nevertheless what software are you using to convert and burn with and waht is the original file format you downloaded

  sidley 18:40 15 Sep 2008

Hi eedcam,
most of the films i convert are avi to dvd and i have used dvdsanta, nero, dvd flick and others that i cant remember but as i said only front two speakers ever work. Not sure what the difference is between realsurround, dolby 5:1 or dts is. Alli want is to hear all the speakers working so if you can help i would be very gratefull

  AL47 18:49 15 Sep 2008

thats probably ur problem, going avi to dvd, if there isnt a 5.1 track in there it isnt going to come out

i do the opposite,

take dvd files to mp4

i always copy the 5.1 track over

if you try and go 2.0 to 5.1 its just gonna be a mess

  eedcam 19:44 15 Sep 2008

Even if you only have stereo any half decent sound systemshould have dolby prologic2 which will give a reasonable surround effect and definitely rear sound I would check that out as I suspect youhave stereo only at best
By real surround I meant Dolby or DTS which most movies have

  sidley 23:01 15 Sep 2008

thanks to both of you. Al47 how do I what you suggest, in plain English please. eedcam my system is not the most expensive but it is surround sound, so how do I check if it has dolby prologic?, if it has'nt am i on a loser and need to get a new system?

  eedcam 05:48 16 Sep 2008

Sidley It needs Dolby prolgic 2 . If its just Dolby prologic thats not the same check in your manual or post the model number

  sidley 20:14 21 Sep 2008

Hi again eedcam,
have read the paperwork with my system and no mention of prologic 2 just dts and 5.1 surround sound so I assume my set up will not do what I want it to and I need to get another- is that right?. If so what about what Al47 said converting from AVI to DVD and to MP4 and copying the 5.1 track over? (whatever that means) would that work or do I just need a new system?

  AL47 20:34 21 Sep 2008

wrong track, :)

i get dvds [ie from an actual disc] and copy them to hard drive

when i do you get the option of what audio tracks to include in the AVI, i put in the 5.1 or DTS [if availible] track

you can check what track is in the avi

good info here
click here

  eedcam 22:24 21 Sep 2008

Hi Sidley if you have not got pro logic 2 then you are stuck if you only have a stereo file.
Al 47 if you copy a dvd to your hard drive notwithstanding the Illegality yes you have the full available sound tracks but not avi they would be in Mpeg 2.Sidley is downloading which is a different kettle of fish

  woodchip 22:28 21 Sep 2008

The above may be that the front only work as your drive may not have got a Sound cable connecting it to the sound card or sound header pins on the motherboard if its onboard sound

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