dvd problem

  bukkaz 22:49 07 Jun 2004

Not a PC problem but anyone any suggestions.
Just got a DVD player,fitted to TV via scart. Menu comes up but no matter what I put in it says loading then after a while "No Disc".This is for DVD's MP3's ,CD's in short everything. Couldn't get through to manufacturer on helpline(surprise!).Any ideas would be appreciated.

  Newuser4165 22:57 07 Jun 2004

Return it to the retailer - it's their problem not the manufacturers.

  hugh-265156 01:46 08 Jun 2004

bring it back to the retailer with reciept.

magic word = 'faulty goods'

get a replacement.

  bukkaz 02:00 08 Jun 2004

I'm not exactly naive Huggy-it's that I got as a special offer through ISP provider and therefore it is them I am trying to get through to. Tried all afternoon with no success. Will try again in morning. Just thought I'd ask if anybody had any ideas of some thing elementary I had overlooked.
Will return with the receipt(remember i before e except after c and certain other cases)

  hugh-265156 02:18 08 Jun 2004

my upmost apologies bukkaz.not in any way did i think you naive my friend.sorry if i offended you :-)

i was remembering back a few months ago when i purchased a dvd player for a friend and upon testing the menu screens and playback of dvd`s(using a high quality ixos scart was distorted and blurred)

i brought it back to the store and explained as best i could in my humble opinion that it was 'faulty'

as i had tried different (lower quality) connector leads and a different tv set it also still gave the same problem.

the replacement player i recieved was fine.

  bukkaz 11:39 08 Jun 2004

cheers huggyn no offence taken reaaly. still can't get through so it looks like an e-mail correspondence.

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