DVD plug in for Photostory problem

  RD9 09:42 09 May 2012

Have used Photostory many times to make DVDs of holiday photos etc. After updating my computer to Windows 7, I can still use Photostory but I can't make a DVD. I have tried to reinstall Sonic's DVD plug in for Photostory, but get the message that I need DirectX 8a or later. Have downloaded the latest version of that & still no luck. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  recap 10:09 09 May 2012
  RD9 10:15 09 May 2012

Thanks Recap - ran the tool but no problems found

  eedcam 10:34 09 May 2012

Can you not just create your video and used dvd flick its free to author and burn to dvd DVD FLICK

  GroupFC 11:36 09 May 2012

Doesn't Win 7 come with DVD Maker (at least it does in mine) and couldn't you use that to burn your video?

  muddypaws 13:29 09 May 2012

I use it with XP and I see PS3 plug in from the website it seems to be only for XP

  RD9 13:30 09 May 2012

Thanks eedcam & GroupFC for your suggestions. Unfortunately, DVD Flick & Win & don't support Photostory - would have to start again from scratch.

  eedcam 15:37 09 May 2012

RD are you saying photo story is incompotent and cant make a slide show or video and then export it in a proper format say avi or whatever .Gosh even WMM can do that

  RD9 17:58 09 May 2012

No eedcam - I made the story but, was trying to use the DVD plugin from Sonic to make the DVD. None of the other burn programs would recognise it in the format I had saved it. However, I have now saved it in the format for playing on a PC & EUREKA, have been able to burn the DVD using the Win 7 application.

Thank you everyone for your help - I'm sorted.

  GroupFC 19:01 09 May 2012

Glad you are sorted!

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