DVD player and writable discs. compatible?

  Superstylin 23:07 09 Apr 2005

hi, i;ve made a dvd from converted avi files but when playing on my goodmans gdv134 dvd player i get a decent picture with jumpy sound. if i play it on my PS2 i get good sound but black and white picture!
the discs i'm using are bulqpaq +rw.

does anyone know why i'm having these problems? should i be using different media, are there any fixes i can make to my dvd player or PS2

thanks for any help

  LastChip 23:11 09 Apr 2005

You need to check the specifications of each machine, to see what it is capable of running.

As an aside, I used to think Bulqpaq were alright, but of late had have issues with them, so now I tend to use Ritek.

  Superstylin 23:16 09 Apr 2005

the only thing my goodmans dvd manual says about disc compatability is that it's compatible with single or double layered dvd discs, and i have no idea where my ps2 manual is!

  LastChip 23:24 09 Apr 2005

What about checking the model numbers on line? Is that any help?

Incidentally, do they play OK on the computer you burnt the on. If not, maybe the issue is with the burning rather than the discs.

  Superstylin 23:38 09 Apr 2005

on realone player, said this ...DVD error. cannot be played. macrovision distribution failed....checked realnetworks tech support. said this:
This error is usually due to a communication problem between your DVD software and RealPlayer. Your DVD software may be improperly installed or incompatible with RealPlayer.

You can check your current software installation by attempting to play the DVD using the DVD software supplied with your drive. If the default player does not play the DVD, you will need to reinstall the software that came with your drive.

Your DVD software may also be incompatible with RealPlayer. For example, RealPlayer cannot play DVDs using the free version of PowerDVD software. If you try to play DVDs using this version, RealPlayer contacts AutoUpdate and installs the DVD plug-in, but you will receive an error message stating that the DVD software is not properly installed. You can avoid the problem by installing the full paid version of PowerDVD or the free version of WinDVD.

my burning software was nero OEM i can't play the dvd in nero showtime because i don't have the dvd video plug in

  LastChip 23:42 09 Apr 2005

So does a commercial DVD play on your computer?

  Superstylin 23:51 09 Apr 2005

i just assumed that it could. i have an NEC3520 that is dvd rom plus writable. why can't i play commercial dvd's??

  Superstylin 23:58 09 Apr 2005

not gdv 134

  LastChip 00:00 10 Apr 2005

So it is likely you have some installation issues that could be any number of reasons.

Which operating system are you using?

  Superstylin 00:02 10 Apr 2005

according to videohelp.com my goodmans won't play +rw click here so there's my answer there, but also according to the site the playstation 2 should be able to click here

  Superstylin 00:04 10 Apr 2005

sp2 @ lastchip

i only purchased the burner this week, glad the burner is good but the whole burning dvd process has sent me loopy!

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