dvd player will not play dvd's...sometimes

  nongeek 10:55 12 Oct 2006

when i inserted quake4, and now the pc gamer cover dvd disc, the disc just spins around making a rythmic noise (see below) and not loading. i right clicked/properties the cd drive but all i get is the sandtimer. this happened before to another cd gamer disc, but it then magically started to work (and still does). all my other dvd discs work fine.
tried disabling autoplay but dvd still revolves to the same noise and not loading.
let me describe the noise - if you have seen once upon a time in the west, its like the windmill at the beginning.
please help, i wanna play quake 4!!!

  Totally-braindead 11:22 12 Oct 2006

Does the drive appear ok in My Computer? You could try deleting the drive, restarting windows when windows will reinstall it by itself and see what that does. If that doesn't help and if you are sure the disks are ok then I would say the liklihood is the drive is starting to fail and you might need a replacement. Fortunatly DVD ROM drives, and I assume this is what you have are cheap now, as an example click here if you have a cd rom cleaning disk you could try that in case its just a bit of dirt on the lens. Or if you want to replace it with a DVD writer click here though if you go this way then you are best picking a writer that includes burning software if you no longer have it.
Wait and see if anyone else comes up with something, perhaps its a simple solution I have over looked.

  nongeek 11:33 12 Oct 2006

thanks for the reply.
i would say my dvd drive is ok as it plays all other dvd's with no problem. it also plays well the dvd's that have had the same problem in the past.

  Totally-braindead 11:42 12 Oct 2006

Have you tried cleaning the 2 disks you have had problems with?

  nongeek 11:48 12 Oct 2006

i have cleaned them. the puzzle is why would a disc that had the current fault now work perfectly, and the new discs not?

  postie24 16:30 12 Oct 2006

Have a look at this thread click here

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