hOpelessAX 03:09 27 Apr 2015

Honestly, I have no tech knowledge but I thought I'd try learn along the way as I figured I'd try to burn a DVD (on a DVD-RW disc) to play on my blu-ray Panasonic DMP-BD75 player. (I assume it's an Australian/Oceania model.)

I eventually figured out, by reading online and by looking at the damn thing that it supported Divx. So, I got the Divx converter which I discovered could also burn DVDs.

Doing that was a bit more succesful than my last attempts, as my DVD player could actually recognise there was a video there; title and all. So, feeling hopeful, I pressed play -- "this title cannot be played" I am ready to shoot the god forsaken thing. Can someone PLEASE tell me what the problem is and more importantly, how to fix it.

I'll add that after this I did more research and looked into an online manual I found for it. To my increasing frustration it said that "≥ DivX and MKV: Successive play is not possible." Though I also read that this could be region specific. ?? In the same manual it also said "Signal from PAL discs is output as PAL." Which I can get no meaning out of, but I know that I tried PAL and it didn't work.

;-; please help

  lotvic 14:53 27 Apr 2015

Possibly the problem is you are using DVD-RW disc and your player does not like rewritable discs. Try a DVD-R disc

All Blu-ray players can play regular DVDs, there is no need to convert to DivX

What type is the video file you have that you want to burn to a DVD to play?

I use the free DVD Flick ClickHere to make video files into a regular DVD file and burn to a dvd-r with either ImgBurn or CDBurnerXP (all free programs)

I don't think any 'extras' toolbars etc come with them from filehippo site, but as with any Free Program - always do a custom install and untick/deselect any 'extras' and freebies/ toolbars etc.

  lotvic 15:02 27 Apr 2015

PAL is the TV display type that Australia & UK uses, NTSC is used in USA (you can google for more info if you want to know more)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 27 Apr 2015

this title cannot be played

could be a simple matter of not Finalising" the disk when you burn't it

open the disk with your burning software and select the tab / option to finalise.

  hOpelessAX 10:15 30 Apr 2015

Thanks for all the responses.

-I saw no option about 'finalising' it, for reference I'm using Divx Converter to do this. Maybe I need to keep looking?

-It could be that it would only work with dvd-r discs, so I'll give that a go at my earliest opportunity.

In regards to the divx format being unnecessary -- when I tried other formats from my usb it wouldn't work. However, I just tried it from my usb using the divx format and it worked perfectly.

For now I'll stick to using my usb then, until I can get the dvd-r discs.

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