dvd playback sound probs on Acer 1692

  Acer06 16:02 10 Apr 2006

Hi, It seems that when I play dvd films on my Acer 1692 notebook, the sound is useless and just not right. It is the same when I plug in my desktop speakers also.
But the desktop comp plays them perfectly ok.
Is this a codec prob or soundcard maybe???

  pj123 16:23 10 Apr 2006

What program are you using to play them in?

  Acer06 17:35 10 Apr 2006

Hi, Arcade is bundled, but it plays up and so does windows media when I try an alternative.

  Jimmy14 21:42 10 Apr 2006

I have exactly the same laptop with Arcade and it seems to work fine. I have to say that the quality of the laptop speakers are not very good so I just plug in my surround ones.
What exactly do you mean when you say the sound is useless?


  Acer06 13:44 11 Apr 2006

Hi guys,
Jimmy the sound is like distorted, unclear and shrilly. Volume is not great but, like I say...even when I use my desktop external speakers it is the same.
This is several DVDs I have tried, aunthentic ones at that LOL
Play em on my desktop and they are fine.
Now I am no Techie, but I tried windows media player also, where I noticed you cannot alter the tones except on graphic equaliser mode. Still no different, but the music CDs and MP3s play there okay. That's why I wondered if it could be a codec (not a techie remember) that may be present on my desktop and that's why they work okay there. Would this be a graphic card or sound card thing I wonder. Camcorder works okay also, with the sound reasonable enough. Just films...LOL
Any ideas welcome, as I am in the process of winding down my desktop to go full time on the laptop..ready for travelling in the next couple of months.
Kind regards

  Jimmy14 15:05 11 Apr 2006

The only other thing I really know is have you tried to uninstall the sound driver then install it again to your laptop with defaults on. The sound was echoing terribly on my old dekstop and that's what had to do and it worked fine afterwards.

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