DVD playback Radeon 7000

  itw2 19:57 30 Apr 2003

I have just purchased a Sapphire Ati Radeon 7000 graphics card. I cannot get DVD playback with the card and the technical help at Sapphire appear to be telling me that it is not supplied with the necessary software as it is a 'powered by' card. However in the specifications for the card on their web site one of the features is listed as MPEG-2/DVD so a 'separate decoder card is not required'. Surely there is no point in havng this unless driver software is available. Can somebody help me understand what is going on!!!

  hugh-265156 20:00 30 Apr 2003

go to atis site click here fill in details as partner products for correct drivers

  itw2 20:13 30 Apr 2003

Been there and downloaded both driver and control centre as Sapphire drivers failed to work at all on my system. Other DVD drivers require previous Ati driver disk to activate( which I havcn't got!). Incidently I have WinDVD but I have assumed that to make most advantage of DVD playback using the Radeon card it would be better to use the hardware decoder and the relevent driver. Am I right in thinking this or will the playback be just as good?

  Ben Avery 20:19 30 Apr 2003

I had the same card previously and now have a Crucial Technologies Radeon 8500LE card. Either way, I don't use the bundled DVD player as my AsusTex DVD drive supplied mew with Asus DVD which is perfectly good (probably better in fact) so if you have a DVD player already, use that. WinDVD shouldn't be any worse for quality, but features may be different. Didn't you get ATI Multimedia Centre with it? That has a DVD prodram installed.


  hugh-265156 20:21 30 Apr 2003

power dvd is very good click here or you can always use media player or realplayer

  itw2 20:32 30 Apr 2003

I did get a MMC with the card but it does not load with a DVD player. I can only assume because the driver is missing (possibly because I had to use the drivers from the Ati website). As I have said Sapphire seem to be saying the full MMC only comes with 'built by' Ati products! Do others agree it is not worth bothering with the Ati decoder?

  Ben Avery 20:39 30 Apr 2003

Just use your normal one mate. As I said, I HAD MMC DVD and it wasn't anything special - even the new version on my current card's disk (which is better) isn't really THAT good.

At the end of the day, it's only there to play DVD's, if WinDVD does that, what more could you want!?


  itw2 20:47 30 Apr 2003

Thanks. I'll take your advice! Frustrating though because I feel I've not got what I paid for!!

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