dvd playback problem

  Alison-239083 12:30 20 Apr 2003

I am having trouble using my dvd player, when I try to use it I get the message another application is preventing dvd playback? Any Ideas?

  faintly curious 13:12 20 Apr 2003

Finally remembered what that thing was Al... go to your start menu, click 'run', and type in msconfig. Choose the 'startup' tab. On there you will see a list of all the programmes which automatically run when the system boots up. It can be a long drawn out process, but look for anything which sounds familiar, and try disabling one programme at a time and then restarting the system to see if this cures the problem. Remember to re-enable the programmes afterwards though.

Have fun - Patrick.

  Alison-239083 11:04 21 Apr 2003

I've tried this but unfortunatley it did'nt work, I think Imay have to Install a new dvd player.

  tnige 14:56 21 Apr 2003

Can someone help me out on this.I have a IBM 1400i
series thinkpad model 2621-467. The problem i am having is since installing Windows XP i cannot play DVD's. The windows media player throws up error; cannot play this DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer.
Does this mean that i have to purchase extra software. Thanks tnige

  Jeff Ross 17:24 24 Apr 2003

> Does this mean that i have to purchase extra software? < [tnige]
Indeed so, despite Microsoft's description in 'DVD Playback Support in Windows XP':
click here

Quote: "Windows Media Player for Windows XP delivers the most complete digital video experience for consumers with new support for DVD playback."

A more accurate assessment can be found in 'Playing DVDs in Windows XP':
click here

Quote: "Microsoft raves about how Media Player plays DVDs. But that's a lie. Windows XP can't play DVDs right out of the box. See, even though you've bought a Windows XP computer, a DVD drive, and a DVD, you need something else: special software called a decoder."

Apparently, no DVD decoder is supplied with Windows XP because Microsoft balk at paying the $1 royalty payment required:
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Presumably, this helps maintain their 88% gross profit margin during an industry recession:
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By contrast, Apple's Mac OS X which has a list price less than half that of the rather less capable Windows XP Pro comes with a fully functional DVD Player:
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For some mini-reviews of various Windows DVD decoders, see 'DVD Software decoder info.':
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