DVD Playback gone awol

  Mikeonfreeserve 17:03 30 Oct 2005

I am running XP and recently installed dvd rewriter and sepately a suite of Nero software for the drive.

Now I can't playback dvds.

I have InterActual and Cyber Link dvd software players which worked fine before I installed Nero.

When I try to play using Nero Showtime, I get a message telling me I have to shell out for a plug in to make Nero work.

It doesn't look like I can uninstall just Nero Showtime either.

Do you think that Nero has hijacked me here?

Any ideas about getting DVD playability back?

Windows Media Player and Real Player now give macrovision eror messages and this for stuff I've recorded off my Sky+ and would like to be able to play on my pc.

Any help appreciated.

  Sans le Sou 17:07 30 Oct 2005

Is it a full retail version of Nero ?

  Sans le Sou 17:13 30 Oct 2005

I had similar problems when I had the comp pre loaded with software. Took out Power DVD and other DVD players together with Nero Media player, seemed to do the trick on my system.

  Mikeonfreeserve 17:32 30 Oct 2005

It's an OEM version of Nero

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