DVD Playback Error

  Sibbo 18:54 06 Apr 2006

A friend of mine tried to play a DVD using Windows Media Player V10 but it wouldn't do it. It should do, shouldn't it? He then downloaded a Intervido(?) trial player (or codecs) and this allowed WMP to play the DVD, but now he says that he can hear the background noises on the DVD e.g. fast cars, screeching wheels etc, but the actors voices are not audible! He does get pictures though. What can the problem be? The DVD is a retail one, and he tells me that the DVD plays OK on his set top DVD player with no problems. I've not seen it in action myself, I'm just relaying the rather sketchy details that he gave to me. Thanks in advance.

  skidzy 19:01 06 Apr 2006

Sibbo,without knowing exactly what codecs your friend has tried...i would recommend this click here

  sampbar12 08:43 07 Apr 2006

Sibbo is a spammer hes spammed all my topics, do not help him!!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:53 07 Apr 2006

Sibbo - Find A Codec For Windows Media Player 9 - HERE!
click here for another guide.

sampbar12 - if you make claims like that, please at least post all your links to substantiate them.

  Sibbo 09:03 08 Apr 2006

sampbar12, I am not a spammer, I posted in error previously at the thread at
click here

I think you will find this is possibly the only time that this has happened in all my time as a member of this forum. I have either requested advice, or done my best to help others(a fact which others can vouch for). As for your claim that I "have spammed all of your topics" please do as Diodorus Siculus has said and prove it! I have given the details of one thread, I'll leave it up to you to provide proof of others. I think an apology is in order from you, or it is I who could report you to the Forum Editor for spreading incorrect rumours about me!!

  Diodorus Siculus 09:46 08 Apr 2006

Sibbo - have you sorted out your problem?

  Sibbo 10:35 08 Apr 2006

You must be psychic mate!!
I've just this minute had a response from my friend, and he has reported that everything is OK now. Thanks for the help.

  Forum Editor 01:16 09 Apr 2006

Please don't post that kind of comment in our forum.

If you suspect another forum member of doing something untoward perhaps you'll email me privately, rather than making offensive statements in the open forum. In this case I'm perfectly happy that Sibbo has NOT spammed all your topics, as you claim, and you might consider that a public apology is called for. I certainly think so.

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