DVD Pictures

  1st spring 22:07 22 Jul 2010

I have put pictures on DVD's Sometimes I can see them on my PC but not combo DVD/vidieo player sometimes I can see them on other peoples players and sometimes not. How and what do I have to do so that I and others can see my DVD's on their players?

  eedcam 22:17 22 Jul 2010

Dont think you can as its up to whether the player has the software built in to play them .Other than that if not too many pics make aslide show and burn as a proper dvd

  1st spring 22:23 22 Jul 2010

What does this sentance mean?
too many pics make aslide show and burn as a proper dvd

  Technotiger 22:27 22 Jul 2010

Means - If there are not too many pictures involved, you could make a slide-show, (perhaps using something like PhotoSuite or similar), and then burn that slideshow to a DVD.

  1st spring 22:28 22 Jul 2010

I have made DVD, for the same person. Some disks they can see and other no can see. I have made disks for people but they have not got back to me to say if they can or cannot see the pictures. Maybe it was a wast of hours work if they cannot see the pictures. Films you buy everyone can see so why not mine;-(

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