DVD to PC - which software?

  onthelimit1 09:39 10 Aug 2012

I don't want to break any copyright rules, just want to be able to load some films onto my netbook (through an external DVD drive) so I can watch them when away from home.

Any suggestions for the best free software to enable me to do this please?

  lotvic 11:32 10 Aug 2012

What programs have you already got on your PC and on Netbook?

There's usually an option to rip in the Player you will be watching them on. Or you could try just copying DVD contents to a file. Have you thought about using your PC to put them on a Flash usb drive? that you can then plug into the netbook when you want to watch them/ or transfer them to netbook.

  rdave13 16:03 10 Aug 2012

You just need a DVD software player on your netbook. VLC is good and if you have WMP on the netbook search for the codecs pack. You'll get Vista, 7 and XP individual packs of use K-Lite.

Some useful links here, under Audio and Video.

  rdave13 16:04 10 Aug 2012

That should be "or use K-Lite"

  onthelimit1 16:17 10 Aug 2012

I have VLC, but thought special software was needed to transfer a movie to the hard drive. Thanks for the help, I'll have a play over the weekend.

  rdave13 16:21 10 Aug 2012

Your external drive will be seen with Windows, just use the player to play it. One way is to right click the Movie showing in your external optical drive and select "open with".

  onthelimit1 17:28 10 Aug 2012

rdave. I was trying to dispense with the external drive while away from home, hence the wish to save the video to the HDD.

  rdave13 17:55 10 Aug 2012

I see. Sorry for being dense. I use Ashampoo for ripping, or copy as they term it. There's a free version here but I use the BS 11 paid for version, so can't comment if as good, though, I suspect it will do as you need. You will have to register and get some spam but you can always unregister from their mailing list. Worth a look anyway.

  catpwss 17:57 10 Aug 2012
  lotvic 22:57 10 Aug 2012

That'll sort any problems catpwss - good link

  onthelimit1 09:19 11 Aug 2012

Excellent - many thanks.

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