DVD part of the CD/DVD drive isn't working

  User-487B7AA0-90E0-4B99-8582FB0A7254381F 09:12 02 Sep 2005

I bought a Sony 317s back in April. It's a lovely machine, but in the last two months I've had problems with my CD/DVD drive. It's really weird. It let's me write to CD's and play audio CD's inserted in the drive, but it won't play DVD's or, for example, recognise data on a PC advisor. If I have a DVD in the drive, explorer shows the drive as being blank. To date, I've downloaded firmware, reinstalled the driver and run a system restore for 9th July. Sony are now advising that I peform a system recovery which seems a little drastic. Could there be something simple that has been overlooked?

  Stuartli 10:18 02 Sep 2005

It could be that the DVD laser has gone to heaven.

As it is comparatively new it should be replaceable under warranty.

The only driver that is required is the basic Windows CDROM driver which is automatically installed by Windows and which is obviously OK as the CD side works.

Only possibility left if you haven't tried it is to Remove the drive in Device Manager and reboot - Windows will Find New Hardware and reinstall the driver.

If no joy then it seems like a warranty replacement.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:42 02 Sep 2005

You can also try to see if the IDE cable has started to pull loose at the Drive or motherboard end.

If lucky maybe a clean with a DVD lens cleaner will cure the problem.

  jack 14:20 02 Sep 2005

Ditto both the above, which brings to mind a cuttent long running post on exactly the same symtoms -essntially DVD's wont play but all else will.

  armouredbear 19:16 02 Sep 2005

Sorry to but in, but this looks a lot more helpful than my own thread.

Would somebody mind explaining how to "remove the drive in device manager", thanks.


  armouredbear 19:38 02 Sep 2005


  johnnyrocker 19:39 02 Sep 2005

right click the item and select uninstall re boot job done.


  armouredbear 19:43 02 Sep 2005

I did that but it didnt uninstall.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:58 02 Sep 2005

The drive is probably on the secondary IDE channel

You can try removing that channel then reboot to let XP reinstall it

  Martina 23:41 02 Sep 2005

Hi there,
just discovered the same problem, have a Plextor PX-712A, CD's work but DVD's are not recognized. Have uninstalled as described above but the problem remains. Any idea what I can try next, please?
Have spent the whole evening searching the net with no success

  Stuartli 00:07 03 Sep 2005

You will have uninstalled the drive, rebooting ensures that Windows finds New Hardware and reinstalls the driver.

The most likely reason, as already stated, is that the DVD side of the drive has decided to part company with the real world.

Rewriters are not the most robust or long lasting of this type of product, which is why they should be used only for their main purpose - burning. See manufacturers' MFU values for an insight into their longevity.

A CD/DVD-ROM drive will prove far better value for playing CDs or DVDs and for installing software etc.

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