DVD or DVDRW Discs

  Internetwhizzkid 19:32 09 Nov 2006

i have just ordered a dell laptop with a DVDRW.
now the big question is.
If i burned a family movie to disc and put it in a dvd player it will play
but if i did the same on A DVD-RW will it still work and will i then be able to delte and put a new family movie on it.


  postie24 19:48 09 Nov 2006

With the price of discs being so cheap you might aswel use dvd-r discs for your movie.Answer to above is yes as long as you dont finalise disc.You have to finalise disc to be able to watch it on home dvd player.Once finalised you cant erase data.So use dvd-r format

  Totally-braindead 20:36 09 Nov 2006

If the player you play it on supports DVDRW disks then the answer is yes it would play. But DVDRW disks are not as reliable as DVDR disks and although I use them on my home DVD recorder I wouldn't use them for anything I couldn't afford to loose as they can become unreadable fairly easily. My old standalone CD Player wouldn't read DVDRW disks at all.
DVD-R and DVD+R are much more stable but in the event of accidents I always recommend to people to make 2 copies and to check them every few months just to be sure they are ok. This is what I do with my photos disks which are just CDs, never had one go bad on me but I keep 2 copies just in case as the photos are irreplaceable.
If your family videos are important to you then I would recommend you do the same.

  skidzy 21:36 09 Nov 2006

DVD-RW's are a pain,i totally agree with Totally-braindead.

Ive tried in the past to use these discs and encoutered that they work on my standalone dvd player,but if taken out of the house..say around a friends,they just do not want to play.DVD-r seems to me the best route,as i have no problems with them.

And a lot cheaper !

  eedcam 22:30 09 Nov 2006

Wrong Postie you can still reuse a Rw after finalizing either erase on Pc or reformat on a dvd recorder.I use rw's continually in my recorder and wipe and always finalize to watch in main player then reformat in recorder no problem what so ever.

  postie24 16:07 10 Nov 2006

Thanks eedcam i didnt no that about rw.s

  Greengage 16:13 10 Nov 2006

Nor did I.

  Greengage 14:53 11 Nov 2006

How do you actually finalize a DVD RW in a PC burner? The burning software I have, Ashampoo & Nero, do not give me the option to do so.

  postie24 18:18 11 Nov 2006

Hi greenpage.i finalize my discs on home dvd recorder,my burning software doesnt give me the option either.Maybe you cant on a pc,im not sure

  Totally-braindead 18:56 11 Nov 2006

In Nero unless you tick the box on the burn screen which creates a multisession disk Nero automatically closes it.

  postie24 21:54 11 Nov 2006

Thanks totally-braindead

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