DVD + or DVD - Discs

  suburban train 15:01 14 Sep 2006

HI All

What do you think is the better formart of DVD disc to play on a cheap DVD Player DVD+ or DVD-?

Also does anyone know any good place where to buy the better type of disc?


  Jak_1 15:08 14 Sep 2006

It all depends on what the DVD player accepts! There is little to choose from between the two formats in terms of reproduction qality. Cheap disks can be got from Tesco at around £18 for 50 both + and -. I have been using Tesco own brand without problems.

  suburban train 17:20 14 Sep 2006

Anymore takers??

  postie24 18:47 14 Sep 2006

hiya try click here this is where i buy my discs.i use verbatim + or - no difference in quality.superb disc to use

  Strawballs 18:57 14 Sep 2006

I have 3 DVD players 2 of which are cheep ones and my own experience is that the DVD- seem to play better on the cheep ones.

  greenlamp 20:13 14 Sep 2006

It obviously does depend on the player, I had the experience of 2 players were happy with + or - disks while 2 others didn't want to know dvd- at all. Although I suspect stting the book type to dvd rom in your writing software will overcome this problem, my daughter has a dvd recorder which specifies dvd +r or +r/w which quite happily plays compilations I have produced on my PC using dvd- but have set the book type to dvd rom.

  theDarkness 23:08 14 Sep 2006

dvd-r used to be the better option in that more dvd players could read them, but i think nowadays it doesnt really make a difference, esp when looking at the same manufacturer for + and -. its the brand you need to know... heres a general guide recommending which to go for... click here

You need to know the 'media ID' so you can tell which discs are the ones to go for. some brands use multiple manufacturers which can vary in quality!
To work out the media id for any dvd+ or - discs you own you can use dvd identifier (freeware) which you can get from here: click here

hope that helps! if youre using dvds to back up data long term you may want to avoid some of the supermarket brand discs ;)

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