DVD or CD for storing images?

  renard 00:02 18 Mar 2008

I am confused by this DVD / CD business.

My Dell PC has a disc drive marked 'DVD'. When I bought it, a friend gave me some blank discs, without telling me what they were, and I have used them for copying photos from My Pictures.

However, I have now used them all and need to buy more discs. I understand that the -R types are best. But do I need DVD-R or CD-R? Which is the best? If CD-R is best, would I be able to copy onto them, as my disc drive is marked 'DVD'?

I want to be able to play the discs on my Panasonic DVD player.

So is it DVD or CD? Sorry for this very basic question, but I have done research and still baffled!

  MCE2K5 00:30 18 Mar 2008

DVD's can store Films, TV Progs, Music, Photos, Data, Size = About 4.65 Gigs.

CD's can store Music, Photos, Data, Size = 650-800 Megs, (Films & TV Progs) need to be converted to SVCD or VCD to work on home DVD players, But they are not always accepted by the player.

DVD's come in 5 Flavours, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM.

CD's Come in 2 Flavours, CD-R & CD-RW, But also 3 Sizes, 650 Meg, 700 Meg & 800 Meg.

DVD's and CD's Read all about them click here

  MCE2K5 00:32 18 Mar 2008

Forgot also, DVD+R and CD-r's come in Lightscribe Formats as well, You can Laser etch a Label onto them.

  MCE2K5 00:34 18 Mar 2008

"I want to be able to play the discs on my Panasonic DVD player": If we are talking making Back-ups of Movies or TV Progs, DVD-R will be the Best choice.

  Acx 01:00 18 Mar 2008

To answer some Questions.

Most DVD Writers (and I would suspect yours is no different) will take both Cd's and Dvds (CD Writers won't take Dvds).

Which is best? Neither really (if using for storing pictures). Dvds will store about 10x more than Cd's (but which is the best make of CD/DVD)?

Unless you have 1000s of pictures a CD will do (I store mine by years on CD - a few hundred at a time).

However I must point out that some believe - as do I that CD/Dvds have about a 10 year lifespan and are not the best thing for long term storage.

I copy photos onto an external drive (as well as keeping the Origonals on my computer) the CD/DVD copy is if all else fails.

  renard 01:03 18 Mar 2008

Thanks for your replies, MCE2K5.

I am referring here only to photographs, not video, so when I say I want to play the discs on my DVD player I mean discs with still pictures.

So bearing in mind my original post, and my comments about my disc drive being marked 'DVD', please what should I buy - DVD-R or CD-R? (If I read you correctly, CD has to be converted (whatever that means)to play on a DVD player, which presumably infers that DVD-R is best??)

This simpleton is still confused, I regret to say . . .

  renard 01:12 18 Mar 2008

Very many thanks, Acx, for your post which crossed with my last.

All is much clearer now, thanks to what you say.

So will both CD and DVD play on my DVD player?

I understand about the long-term storage issue, thanks. To overcome this, I have been told that it is best to copy the discs onto fresh ones every year or so, which presumably is no great hardship as they are cheap. And I keep hearing horror stories about hard drives breaking down and losing everything.

  Acx 01:30 18 Mar 2008

Go for DVD to play on a DVD player.

To play on your DVD.

Open Windows Windows Movie player
Click Tasks (on the tool bar) create a slide show and export to a DVD-disc.

I keep hearing horror stories about hard drives breaking down and losing everything.......

True but the chance of your computer hard drive and your external hard drive (totally separate things)failing at the same time is so low it would be very very low (fire and lighting is about all I can think of).

  Acx 01:40 18 Mar 2008

So will both CD and DVD play on my DVD player?

Yes proberbly. But that is more down to you and your DVD player

Age of DVD player
Quality of CD/DVD disc
Have you created and finished the CD/DVD properly!

  renard 18:28 18 Mar 2008

All is now clear, Acx.

Very many thanks for your advice, which is greatly appreciated. Warm regards.

  setecio 19:47 18 Mar 2008

If your DVD drive says DVD-rom then it is read only and probably only writes to CDs. If it says DVD re-writer then it should write to both CDs and DVDs. Alternatively look in device manager.

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