dvd only?

  Liza 16:30 31 Jul 2006

I have just purchased a sony RDR-HXD910 dvd recorder with built in freeview and 160gb hdd. I have installed it but seems to have so many do’s and don’t’s.

My telly is a Thomson widescreen 2003 model. It has 3 scart sockets on the back - 2 input/output outputting rgb signal and 1 input only. In front it has phono audio video and s video jacks. Before now I used 1 scart (av1) to connect a JVC video recorder (which is super vhs and has 2 s video sockets input and output (with the output also connecting wintv on the pc) and a Daewoo video recorder (here also connecting Archos 500) and the remaining av3 to connect freecom for telly.

With the arrival of the dvd recorder installing which I have had to remove all of my components including freecom. It has 4 connectors (2 scarts and 2 phono jacks with s video. I connected one of these phono things with s video to the telly and connected jvc with the other without s video. This has caused the recorder not to display my previous recording and pre recording tapes which when now played can only be seen on pc but pc cannot see tv programmes. Archos is also not playing ball. The dvd is working beautifully and does not want vcr to be next to it. It is also talking about component video in and out. What’s that if used please. Looks like all else must go if I want dvd.Can someone help please. Thanks Liza

  Pamy 16:35 31 Jul 2006

It is also talking about component video in and out. Or is it COMPOSITE ? Cant help with anthing else.

  howard63 17:01 31 Jul 2006

not sure of this but I thought dvd recorder should be connected to the tv via A scart socket. Your other devices should also connect via scart but may have to be daisy chained to the dvd recorder.

  Liza 14:54 01 Aug 2006

Hello Pamy
Component video I think is a new thing that has come up with hd (high definition) which wont come into being probably until 2008 I believe. I have read since that somebody tried using component video but found the quality was not good, he was told the tv must have an input connector which is not available on present tvs.

  Pamy 15:14 01 Aug 2006

Hi Liza, thats something new to me so cannot help at all hope others can


  Liza 15:37 01 Aug 2006

Hello Howard63
Thank you for your advice. I thought connecting 2 freeviews would damage the tv or whatever. Doing what you said I think I daisy chained correctly because everything or almost everything is working. I can see vhs videos on the telly as well as pc but cannot record.
Aerial to aerial in on freeview settop box (FSB)
DVD Recorder: RF in to RF out on FSB, RF out to RF in on TV, Scart 1 to TV AV1, audio/s video to front connector on TV.
VCR: Scart 1 to FSB, Scart 2 to TV AV2
FSB: Scart 1 to TV AV3, Scart 2 to VCR
TV: Scart 1 to DVDR AV1, Scart 2 to VCR AV2, Scart 3 to FSB.
I have a wintv on my pc would I also need a pc card to have DVDR copy vhs videos on pc.

  howard63 17:18 07 Aug 2006

with regard to wintv I think all you need is software but I could be wrong. With the first problem I think your dvd recorder should be the first item on the scart lead with the freeview box on the daisy chain scart cable. Keep experimenting until you get it how your equipment wants it to be to work.

  Liza 15:54 22 Aug 2006


Hello Howard

Sorry I didn’t come back to you before now. I decided not to keep the Sony DVD Recorder. So I now have a Panasonic DVD Recorder and it is fab. I did the connection as below. All is fine but when I record on VCR I only get programmes from analogue tv. How does one get digital, for instance from Freeview. When people say they can record from 2 places in digi what do they mean.

I tried making dvd the centre of attraction and indeed it is but somehow I cannot get vcr to work properly. Liza
DVD rfin to Freeview rfout
DVD rfout to VCR rfin
DVD scart to TV av2
DVD scart to VCR av2

Freeview rfout to DVD rfin
Freeview rfin to AERIAL
Freeview scart to TV AV1

VCR rfin to DVD rfout
VCR rfout to TV rfin
VCR scart to DVD
VCR scart to TV AV3

TV rfin to VCR rfout
TV scart to DVD AV2
TV scart to Freeview AV1
TV scart to VCR AV3

  howard63 21:58 23 Aug 2006

you will have to read the manual[s] and experiment. If your vcr can only see the analogue signal then you are missing a connection to the freeview. I had the same problem and found it was how the different boxes were interconnected. In my case the aerial had to go to the freeview box and the scart cable went from the freeview box to the vcr and then from the vcr to the tv. It was the dickens own job to tune the vcr to the freeview box signal. Keep trying and with luck eventually you will succeed.

  Liza 16:49 25 Aug 2006

Hello. Thanks its now working well - having put the vcr scart cable into freeview box and then tv. Liza

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