DVD not playing

  shazadkashmir 08:56 06 May 2008

My dvd's are not playing on my pc anywhere including WMP. I jsut downloaded NVIDIA, DVD Decoder however this hasnt resolved the issue, now the dvds playing but not SHOWING UP and theres not sound. what shall i do? help please

  Ditch999 09:02 06 May 2008

What OS is it? Have you installed any software lately? Whats graphics does your PC have? Have you tried to select the source on the software DVD player?

  Stuartli 09:09 06 May 2008

Try downloading the K-Lite audio and video (Standard or Full) codecs pack and installing it. See:

click here

Also ensure in WMP from Tools>Options>File Types that all file types are Enabled.

  shazadkashmir 09:11 06 May 2008

how do i check the OS? Sorry if it seems like a stupid question?

  shazadkashmir 09:13 06 May 2008

the only software i recently installed is NVIDIA Decoder, like i said however the pictures dont seeem to be showing up

  Ditch999 09:19 06 May 2008

Is it Vista, XP, Linux etc....
Have DVDs played at any stage? How old is the PC? Make/model? There is a button for Hardware Acceleration in the graphics properties but without more info I cant say if it should be enabled or not.

  shazadkashmir 09:26 06 May 2008

oh, yeah its XP, i havent ever tried dvds on there however have divxs do work on there, and so does online streaming. Do you think it might have something to do with my video/graphics card

  Ditch999 11:24 06 May 2008

A silly question sorry, but is it a DVD player? Some older PCS only have CD players! Apart from that if its a sound and video problem it could be a number of things but most likely software if other programmes work with sound and vision.

  shazadkashmir 12:07 06 May 2008

yes its a DVD player, so what do you recommend

  Ditch999 12:11 06 May 2008

Did you do as Stuartli suggested? Download and install the codec pack and see how that goes.

  Ditch999 12:13 06 May 2008

This is the link to the WMP codec pack click here
You can also try it

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