DVD 'noise'

  JohnB 09:31 24 May 2007

I purchased A Philips DVD recorder some time ago. When on standby it occasionally gives out a 'surging' noise. Could this be a cooling fan? I have been back to retailers who despite having dvd for 48 hours stated they could hear nothing!
Any advice please?

  skidzy 20:56 24 May 2007

John....what model Phillips dvd recorder.

Now from memory,a while ago now too.

There is a particular model that is reknown for problems,i suggest you type the model into google adding reviews to the title and see what comes up.

Type into Google.

Something like:

phillips (your model) dvd recorder / reviews

  RicScott 14:08 18 Jun 2007

Does it give out a noise if you disconnect everything from the unit?
If you take out the TV connections etc and just leave the power connected, does it happen then?

  rodriguez 13:05 19 Jun 2007

I have a Philips DVDR610 and it has a cooling fan that adjusts it's speed depending on how hot the unit is. As soon as you take it out of standby and start using it, the fan whirrs up. It also does this at random times when in standby if it warms up. This sounds like the noise you describe, and if you keep hearing it it's good because it means your unit isn't going to overheat. :-)

  postie24 20:10 19 Jun 2007

rodriguez is right,my SkyHD box does exactly the same thing.

  johnb9 15:47 02 Jul 2007

Firstly my apologies for my late reply
Thanks for the replies eveyone, the concensus seems to be a 'normal' fan noise
Why retailer could not suggest this is rather disapointing

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