DVD no surround sound even with 5.1 speakers???

  Murray 22:28 15 May 2003

I have just bought and installed a Soundbalster 5.1 Live Platinum 5.1 and Creative Inspire 5.1 5100 speakers

Using the software provided I can test all five speakers and they are all plugged in and working

but when I play a DVD using PowerDVD 3, no sound comes from the centre speaker, and it sounds like normal stereo coming from the left and right channels - ie not 5.1 at all.

any thoughts?

  crx1600 22:33 15 May 2003

with winDVD, i rightclick on the screen properties\audio\enable SPDIF.

  Murray 22:35 15 May 2003

I dont use the digital output to connect to the speakers - just use 3 stereo jacks

cheers anyway

  Lú-tzé 22:38 15 May 2003

To the best of my knowledge PowerDVD 3 does not support 5.1 sound - you will need PowerDVD XP for this.

  crx1600 22:38 15 May 2003

i dont use digital either?

soundblaster live, cambridge DTT2200 3 jacks.

  Murray 22:40 15 May 2003

So I'll need PowerDVD XP or winDVD then?

Any recommendation where's the best place to get this?

  Djohn 22:50 15 May 2003

If you do as crx1600 advises, you will hear surround sound from your DVD's.

Pop a DVD into the drive and let the screen come up on your display, right click and choose properties, you will see the radio button is placed in, two speakers or stereo.

click on SPDIF, down at the bottom and then click apply. your sound will then come from all speakers. J.

  Lú-tzé 23:08 15 May 2003

Doing as Djohn suggests will get sound out of every speaker, but this is not quite the same as "surround sound", I think. To get proper surround sound, I would suggest PowerDVD XP for the simple reason that I use it and it works well.

  crx1600 23:13 15 May 2003

at least try it.

you'll no if its 5.1 digital as the majority of sound will come thru the centre speaker.

dolby surrond and dolby5.1 are different things.surrond doesnt make use of the centre speaker at all.

  crx1600 23:15 15 May 2003

surrond = surround,

  Murray 23:28 15 May 2003

I guess I'll go and get PowerDVD XP, then try it, but at the mo with version 3, i see no option to use SPDIF - or digital out

one worrying thing in the info panel in powerDVD it says
"Multispeakers Audio Device : Creative SBLive! (not in use)"

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