DVD to mpeg conversion

  EFC1878 20:12 18 Jan 2008

I am trying to transfe rsome old home video movies on VHS to DVD using a DVD recorder and then want to edit the resultant DVD using video editing software [Pinnacle].

To do this I beleive that I need to convert the DVD file to an mpeg format for us in Pinnacle.

Does any body know if any DVD to Mpeg conversion software that I could use - preferably free if possible


  MCE2K5 20:15 18 Jan 2008

Pinnacle Studio 9 on.

  EFC1878 20:31 18 Jan 2008


I ahve got the Pinnacle 9 series software but I was unware that it would convert from DVD to mpeg. I know thta afer editing it can make a movie and thus take an mpeg file and generate a DVD format movie.

Could you explain how i would take a DVD format file and convert it to am mpeg file that can then be edited?

  Les28 20:43 18 Jan 2008

Try the free download Vob2mpg bottom one in the list here

click here

  MCE2K5 20:51 18 Jan 2008

With Pinnacle Studio Plus 9.4.3

File, Import DVD Titles...

  Les28 21:22 18 Jan 2008

I have had Pinnacle Studio 8 for a long time and recently got Pinnacle Studio 10.5 on Ebay. Pinnacle Studio 8 and I think 9 as you say, won't accept VOB (DVD ) files, Studio 10.5 does, saves having to convert from VOB to mpeg, it will just search your DVD and import the VOB files for editing. I have Serif Movie Plus 5 and Arc Soft Showbiz DVD both accept VOB from DVD input.

Vob2mpg the programme I mentioned before will maintain the quality of the video input, in fact I think you'll find the input and output files the same size, I have heard you can drag your Vob files from the DVD to your hard drive and just change the file ending .vob to .mpg and sometimes that is enough to make them accepted by some programmes, I have done this with Studio8. Have a look at this site about DVD file structure

click here

You open the dvd to look at its contents, not to play it, find the video TS folder open the folder and drag to hard drive files beginning VTS_01_1.VOB through to in the examples case VTS_01_8.VOB and change the file ending from.VOB to .MPG or use Vob2mpg programme to do it for you, it's just a one click programme so it's easy enough.

After I've edited in Pinnacle I save the file as a DVD compatible mpeg2 file and later I burn that to a video DVD with Nero Vision Express, I believe you can burn directly from Pinnacle but I've never done that.

  MCE2K5 21:28 18 Jan 2008

"Pinnacle Studio 8 and I think 9 as you say, won't accept VOB (DVD ) files":

8, Don't.

Pinnacle Studio Plus 9.4.3 Does, Trust me, Did it last night.

  EFC1878 21:36 18 Jan 2008


I have Pinnacle Plus 9.4.3 but I must say that I am struggling to import the dvd file.

What box are you in? capture; edit or make movie

and could you tell me the next stepos as I cannot find File, Import, DVD Titles.

I might not be seeing the wood for the trees but would appreicate some help especially if I can take the file in and edit without having to convert firstly

  MCE2K5 21:46 18 Jan 2008

Just taking some Snapshots of the Process.

Will Post when done, About 25 Minutes, Back soon.

  MCE2K5 22:15 18 Jan 2008

1: click here

2: click here

3: click here

4: click here

5: click here

6: Edit

7: Burn DVD

  EFC1878 11:16 19 Jan 2008


Very much appreciate your time and effort to provide the help. Top man.

Apologies for not responding sooner but I had some bad news about a friend and had to go out.....

I have spotted my first problem straightaway - I have version 9.3.5 not 9.4.3 and so I do not have 'import dvd titles' in the file drop down menu.

Does anybody know if or where I can download an upgrade to 9.4.3 - as I beleeive that Pinnacle no longer support version9!

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