DVD Minus or Plus

  edculr 21:43 22 Jun 2003

Any advice? I'm going to buy a DVD writer.

I've seen the following cheap at my local box shifter:

LG GMA 4020B @ 130


Pionoeer DVR-104 (black) @ 100

or DVDR-105 @ 115

Trouble is I really don't know what to go for...

Also, can you use a DVD RW for packet writing the way you can on a CD RW?



  siouxah1 22:44 22 Jun 2003

Have recently purchased and am using the LG GMA 4020B.(From the same box mover I suspect.)

It does as it says on the box. Although I have not used this media yet, it will write to RAM discs. This is a better system, in my opinion, than using RW. Although the cost of the media is a great deal higher.

It installed with no problems and comes with Nero.

Check the write speeds of both if this is an issue.

As for -R or +R, my view was that my writer will be obsolete by the time the +/- issue is resolved and I will require an update.

I believe that if you are going to use it to produce DVD Video for stand alone players the compatibility of -R is better. Anyway it uses the same media as my Panasonic DVD RAM recorder used to record direct from DV camcorder.

Have no knowledge of the Pioneer so cannot comment.

Regards Brian j.

  The Sack 23:02 22 Jun 2003

The compatibility between + or - is now the same :-) - came out first so at some point it was bound to be more compatible.

Look at it this way, no one is releasing or have announced - only drives anymore and even Pioneer the staunchest - supporter has yielded and introduced a drive capable of +, yet new + only drives are still announce on a weekly basis. Which ever you buy you will be happy with to be honest, the + - battle is a load of hyped up old tosh started by people wanting you to buy there format.

  The Sack 23:04 22 Jun 2003

BTW DVD-RW takes 2 hours to format to packet write with InCD and DVD+RW takes 20 seconds to format to packet write with InCD, + uses background formating, - does not.

  temp003 03:07 23 Jun 2003

If your budget allows it, get a writer which can write both + and - disks.

Sony has two models which do this (the newer model writes DVD+RW at 4x).

NEC has a cheaper model (can't remember the exact model number but it's 1300). More affordable, the bundled software is adequate though perhaps not as full as the Sony.

Pioneer has just released the 106 which writes both + and - (the one referred to by the Sack). Have not checked the price, but unlikely to be particularly cheap.

As to compatibility, the important point is not which format is generally more compatible (which most reviews or articles seem to concentrate on), but which format(s) your own home DVD player supports first. Then you start worrying about general compatibility only if you intend the DVD video disks you create to be played on other people's players.

click here and type in your home player model number, and see what formats it supports before you make a decision.

I don't think there's anything inherently superior in either format in terms of compatibility. It's question of which format(s) a manufacturer of a home DVD player decides to support. And as the Sack says, the DVD- format has been around for longer, and so has better compatibility, so far.

Many newer models will support all formats.

The general view seems to be that the +RW format is more convenient and flexible in writing video disks for playing in home players. If it supports both formats, I would choose the + format, personally.

But both formats are going to stick around for a while yet, I suspect. Both camps have enough big players behind them. Microsoft is going to include support for both formats now, in their next OS (the Longhorn).

So get a dual format writer if budget allows. If not, check your own home player's compatibility with either format to decide which format to go for.

  temp003 04:08 23 Jun 2003

The Pioneer dual format writer model no. is A06, not 106. Just learned that Iomega is also releasing a multiple format writer SKU 32679, writes DVD+, DVD- and even DVD-RAM. Good bundled software and price is going to be quite competitive (comparable to NEC's ND1300A).

  edculr 22:37 23 Jun 2003

Thanks for all info so far.

Does any DVD RW format allow for drag and drop? On the CDRW drive, I can add and delete files as if it was a floppy. Is this possible with DVD RWs?

I heard you can with DVD Ram only. Is this correct?

Thanks again

  temp003 06:00 24 Jun 2003

Packet writing is possible with both DVD+RW and DVD-RW. The software bundled with the drive should include that capability. However, I suspect DVD-RAM is the most convenient to use in terms of drag and drop, as it was really designed to operate that way.

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