dvd link to tv.

  mule 2 00:09 14 Mar 2003

I am trying to find out if i can use my tv to play dvds via my computer. I have tried to find out what motherboard i have. I ran Belarc Advisor but it did not list any motherboard info. I suspect that i will have to identify it to find a suitable graphics card. On looking at it all i could see was (K7 SEM ).Reading Pc Advisor i think i may have an "integrated Graphics" setup. it was easier in the days of hard nibs. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated........... An old wrinkly.

  powerless 00:14 14 Mar 2003

I do not know of any intergrated graphic boards that have the TV-Out connector.

So a new card with a TV-Out is the way to go.

  mule 2 00:36 14 Mar 2003

POWERLESS...... thanks for you input. Will it be necessary for me to identify the motherboard to ensure compatability with the new graphics card?........An old wrinkly.

  powerless 00:45 14 Mar 2003


If belarc cannot idenifty it then this will click here AIDA32 - Personal System Information < This should tell you. Then post back.

  DieSse 01:29 14 Mar 2003

Quite honestly, if you've got to get a new graphics card - I would put the money towards buying a DVD player for the telly.

There are lots of issues in getting TV-outs from a computer to work well - save yourself the hassle.

  Tog 07:41 14 Mar 2003

Unless there is a specific reason for using the PC, go with what DieSse suggests. DVD players aren't that expensive.

  darkjedimistress 15:56 14 Mar 2003

You can get DVD Players now for £50 that are standalone and plug into a tv with a scart socket. Check out some at click here and also click here for a £65 unit. Less hassle.

  mule 2 23:04 14 Mar 2003

TO:-Powerless,DieSse,Tog,and darkjedimistress.
As my computer ia fairly basic budget system
and am new to this techni world it would seem to be cheaper and far less hassle to get a basic dvd forthe tv..... so with gratitude for all your input and advice, thanks for your time............The old wrinkly.

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