DVD Labelling

  nick35 21:36 22 Jun 2004


I can create dvd's okay & they play fine on the DVD player.

However, if I fix a label onto the DVD, the disc plays up (freezes in places) in the DVD player.

It is correct that the ink seeps though to the disc & causes problems when playing them

I use datawrite classic yellow 4 x discs

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:00 22 Jun 2004

Never heard about the ink problem before.

If the label is not fixed centrally can upset the balance of the disk and cause read problems, but this is usually quite rare.

  james55 22:49 22 Jun 2004

Sorry I can't help but have had a similar problem with DVD labelling from almost the start of DVD+RW. I have held off thinking that it would become such a problem that computer magazines would discuss it in depth, no such luck. I have never heard about ink saturation, but when I think about it, it could be possible.
I suppose one way to test the theory would be to put on a blank label on a test disc and see what happens.


  woodchip 22:58 22 Jun 2004

More likely the Label glue than Ink, as the place you put the label is direct onto the metal that is written on to. and the side most easily damaged

  hssutton 23:05 22 Jun 2004

I will not use labels since one came unstuck and destroyed my daughters CD player.

From the manual of my LG DVD Multi DVD-drive.
Don't attach any stickers or labels to the disks it could cause read-write errors and data on the disk may be lost due to damage to the disk itself.

  The Spires 23:11 22 Jun 2004

Never had any problems with DVD labels. DVD's unlike Cd's are a laminate of two plastic sheets with the dye in between the sheets, I can't see how ink can get the dye & cause corruption.

  james55 23:14 22 Jun 2004

I agree with what you say, but as labelling is such big business I thought it would be sorted by now. It is funny how it is being kept so quiet, of course printable discs are now on the scene and this might be the reason.


  james55 23:19 22 Jun 2004


I have only tried putting labels on home made Video DVD's


  y_not 05:48 23 Jun 2004

I use the TDK disc printer click here

Its thermal so has its limitations but for me it works and never any concerns about labels off-center, labels coming off, wrecked DVD players etc.

Might be worth a look


  MidgetMan 08:44 23 Jun 2004

We have 4 differant dvd players in our house (all differant makes) reading the booklets all state "do not use discs with labels as these may cause playback problems" doesnt say why though! so suppose doesnt really help you :>)

  denchris 11:37 23 Jun 2004

I have found over the course of time that short films on dvd`s play OK but longer films, say two hours start sticking in places. So I experimented with dvd with labels that play up and removed the labels and no further problems..
I believe personally that it is connected to heat build up on the labelled dvds. Short play OK, longer play iffy...

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