dvd keeps changing it's name!!!!????

  seymx 20:16 26 May 2009

hello everyone
i wondered if any one has come across this? i have an advent 7098 laptop which comes with a philips dvd drive but sometimes it changes it's name to something stupid like phalaps pvp or pholops dmd!!

the dreaded blue screen comes up now and again, i've put up with it or sometime but now it doesn't see a dvd drive at all therefore unable to install any thing on disks (including my window xp disk) and now and again it doesn't see the hard drive and doesn't boot up.

it's p!ss!ing me off and i'm stuck!! :#

i've recently taken it apart to replace the jack socket which had broken (different story) and while inside i removed the dvd drive and reinstalled it but no difference...
please help before it all goes through a window at speed.. seymx

  phono 20:52 26 May 2009

"the dreaded blue screen comes up now and again"

Exactly what error message do you receive when this happens?

Does the DVD drive show up in device manager?

If the HD doesn't show up now and again I would first of all make sure that the connector is properly seated, try removing and reconnecting it to see if that helps.

It could also be a motherboard problem and as it is a laptop that could prove to be very expensive to have it repaired/replaced.

  seymx 21:35 26 May 2009

cheers for responding phono..

error message... it says that windows has shut down due to software or hardware is not installed properly and to reinstall it and is begining a memory dump i cannot recall the tech. info.. i'll make a note of it next time i does it.

DVD.. at the moment it only shows up as a cd rom drive with a driver problem but it does come up as a phalaps pvp+/- (or somthing as stupid) with a driver problem.

HD... the laptop freezes then i get the blue screen, it reboots after memory dump and sometimes it just say 'no operating system found' other times it restarts ok (with abit of hanging).
i've tried removing the hd and then back in, this works

if it keeps happening when i least need it to, it will have a mobo problem....namely a size 10 through it!!

if i stop replying, it's done it again and as the other computer is dead (see the other thread i've started) i will be heading for the library or internet cafe to reply...cheers

  phono 22:37 26 May 2009

Will the laptop start in safe mode and if it does, does it work okay?

If you are unsure how to start in safe mode see click here and scroll down to the section covering XP.

  seymx 22:40 26 May 2009

i've not tried.. what would this indicate if it does work o.k.? and what limitations would it have?

  phono 22:48 26 May 2009

The good news is if it starts and runs okay in safe mode then it is most likely not a hardware problem and most likely a software or/and driver problem.

Safe mode loads a very basic set of drivers to allow the system to start, functionality is limited and depends on the mode you choose, for example safe mode with or without network support etc. You will also only have basic video display, it is after all a diagnostic mode to try and troubleshoot a system.

  seymx 23:05 26 May 2009

good tip! i like the sound of the good news bit!i'll try it but what if the dvd drive is still missing or in disguise?

  phono 23:13 26 May 2009

I would say cross that bridge when/if you come to it. ;^)

BTW, in safe mode the DVD drive may well show up as a CD drive, that is perfectly normal, see if it will read CDs if it starts okay in safe mode.

  seymx 23:22 26 May 2009

cheers phono i'll try it..
time for some beers now, i'll let you know how i've got on later

  User-1229748 04:48 27 May 2009

"time for some beers now" these name changes don't happen after closing time do they? :o)

  seymx 08:55 27 May 2009

i wish it was! it's now saying it's a [email protected]@[email protected] [email protected] and it's 08.52 and i don't even have a hang over...

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