DVD to Ipod Problem

  Mike 20:40 01 Feb 2008

I have downloaded "Videora iPod Converter 3" from click here. along with DVD Decrypter at click here

DVD Decrypter works very well takes about 30 min to rip the files.

The problem is that "Videora iPod Converter 3" will only open at a screen res of 1600 x 900 and seems to run very slow, about 2 hours to convert Men in Black II to my ipod Nano ser3. and then I get the film with a voice over describing the making of the film. I am obviously doing something wrong, but what?

Windows XP Home service pack 2 Medion XP AMD Athlon XP3200+2.19 - 512 Ram

  bionicle 21:04 01 Feb 2008

I've not used these programmes for a while but I think your problem lies at the stage with selecting which files to convert. Using decrypter you need to select the biggest file, ie the movie file and then only select the stereo audio file, leaving the others unchecked. It sounds like you have copied over all or the wrong audio version from the variety that would have been on the original DVD.

  Mike 13:48 02 Feb 2008

Thanks bionicle,

I concur but how do I recognise the stereo audio file.

  bionicle 19:37 02 Feb 2008

Follow this click here making sure you only select the main audio file as well as clearly the main video file. It does take quite a bit of time but once started you can go away and do someting else.

  Mike 22:38 02 Feb 2008

That's it, all the films I have been converting have had two English audio files "Audio-AC3/2ch/English and AC3/6ch/English" the correct one is Ac3/6Ch. The example only shows one English file with the AC3/2ch/Francais.

I have noticed that some films have an extension next to the audio file telling you what it is which is were useful.

Thanks for the pointer so for now my problem is solved. Any reason for "Videora iPod Converter 3" only open at a screen res of 1600 x 900.

  Mike 16:21 05 Feb 2008

I have Just Discovered that I had my DPI setting at 120, normally 96. I have reset this to 96 and the application fits the screen correctly.

  truthly 03:38 31 Mar 2008

I use this one , it works pretty good .
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  Acx 03:59 31 Mar 2008

You are rearresting old threads just to spam this site. If the software was any good we would know about it (and recommend it).

We are more intelligent on this site than to fall for that old rubbish.

  rossgolf 04:01 31 Mar 2008

the post was a bit belated

  Acx 04:02 31 Mar 2008


  Acx 04:04 31 Mar 2008

I give up, truthly go away!

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