DVD icon white question mark

  boxclever 18:24 11 Apr 2006

Hi, Please help if you can. I seem to have lost access to my dvd rom and dvd rw drives. I do not know when these 2 question marks appeared on the desktop icons. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:23 11 Apr 2006

Maybe something here on the Win XP fixes page
click here

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:27 11 Apr 2006

Or here
click here

  boxclever 20:33 11 Apr 2006

When I open my computer my dvd drives are not listed. I have tried uninstalling them in device manager and rebooting the pc but no luck. I have XP home installed. Once again thanks for helping.

  Totally-braindead 20:42 11 Apr 2006

First thing to do is take the case off and check that the ribbon cable has not come adrift. You mention 2 dvds on the same cable so failure for both at the same time is very unlikely. Either the cable is loose or the cable is faulty.

  boxclever 20:47 11 Apr 2006

I've got to go to work now.

  User-312386 20:49 11 Apr 2006

right click my computer>properties>hardware tab>device manager

Now click on the Plus of the DVD/CD-ROM drives, locate the drive and then right click and select uninstall. Close device manager

Restart the computer and come back to us

  boxclever 10:51 12 Apr 2006

Many thanks to everyone. I took the case off, wiggled the cable and tried it again. Success. Saved me a trip to the repair shop. Cheers for your help.

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