DVD formats and WMM. Transfering .VRO files prob

  QinesiQ 13:54 26 Aug 2007

apologies if this is in the wrong forum or has been covered before - i have checked and cannot see wood for trees any more!

we have a panasonic which records dvd-ram disks. the files appear as .vro. i wanted to transfer show to a disk playable on upstairs dvd player. i transfered the .vro files to laptop hdd renamed files to .mpeg, imported into WMM and burned a dvd+r (with TS file format). it worked ish but 1) took a while to encode (at least 2hrs maybe more - i lost track/fell asleep) and 2)is missing some scenes from the tv shows i had recorded.

1)is there a better way of doing this (idiots guide please)? and 2) why am i missing bits on the dvd+r disk as the whole original mpeg show plays on the computer? is there a way i can view my whole show (on the dvd player) without exclaiming "eh?"


  QinesiQ 21:18 28 Aug 2007

bump :-)

  holme 21:35 28 Aug 2007

I can't explain the probs you've experienced but, for the record, you can count yourself lucky that your laptop recognised the DVD-RAM disc!

We have yet to find any PC DVD player that will play Panasonic's DVD-RAM. Similarly, if you format discs on a PC, they can't be read on Panasonic units. Catch 22. Grrr.

Transcoding times are routinely lengthy in WMM and depending on your laptop's spec, doesn't necessarily mean there's anything amiss. But it shouldn't miss bits out, so can't help there.

As has been said many times in these forums, using a PC to tranfer /lengthy/ prog(s) to DVD is asking an awful lot of even powerful machines; it's much quicker/easier/reliable on a 'domestic' DVD recorder which is designed to do just that.

If you get nowhere with this thread, please do feel free to fall back on Plan 2, which is to post us the DVD-RAM disc. We will copy it onto Pan DVD recorder hard disc, then burn a DVD-R disc for you and have the pair back in the post in 24 hours or so. (Assuming the content is not in any way private).

If you wish, send it to us at T.O.M.S., 5 Halifax Close, Pocklington, York, YO42 2XF, UK. HTH.

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