DVD Formats/ Burning?

  TonyTT 18:38 02 May 2006


I am having real trouble burning to a DVD and getting it to play on my DVD player. I have a DVD of holiday and ripped it to my hard-drive. Appeared as a .iso file. Since then I have changed it to mpg, .bin, .avi formats. All seem to burn quite happily through nero, but will not be recognised by my DVD player.

Don't know why as I have downloaded and burned such formats before successfully.

I am using DVD-RW. Any help much appreciated.

  g40 19:42 02 May 2006

that its a DVD+ or DVD- issue, did you use the same manufacturer/type of disks to burn to as previously?

  TonyTT 19:45 02 May 2006

I have used DVD-RW quite happily before with the same formats as before from downloads. The only difference is that I ripped the original off a holiday DVD to an .iso file.

  The Old Mod 09:19 03 May 2006

Hi, have you made sure that you have finalised the disc?

  TonyTT 12:51 03 May 2006

What does that mean. As I said, I have never had any problems like this before.

  Haol 17:44 03 May 2006

How did you burn the ISO, did you burn it as a data disc in Nero? They way I do it is I right click on the file and select open with then click on Nero and Nero chooses all the right settings.

  TonyTT 20:03 03 May 2006

Thanks for all your help. Haol, i didn't realise you could actually do that, right click........let the programme decide thing. But it worked. Thanks.


  TonyTT 20:06 03 May 2006

Does anybody know of a very simple to use programme that can convert every single format to every single format.

Would make life much easier.


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