DVD Formats

  piker1 20:48 01 Aug 2004

Does anyone know if a DVD-R disc that has been finalised and burnt be read by a machine that is DVD+R. To some it may seem a strange question, you see I am in the process of handing over some large files (Cycling club accounts) I have a Multi burner but only have DVD-R discs, the person who will receive this info only has a DVD+R machine.

  jakimo 21:13 01 Aug 2004

Find out the make & model of your friends drive,then do a search in this link,if not you may just end up with a coaster

click here

  Chegs ® 21:29 01 Aug 2004

I have a dual format drive,my mate has a + format drive only.I only had -R blanks,which I used to copy a selection of files too.His +R drive could read these discs.My daughters PC has a DVD ROM,it can only read data from a -R disc,when I insert a +R disc,it spends an age trying to read it then ultimately gives up and puts up an "Please insert a disc" message. :-)

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