DVD and Floppy Drive stopped working

  Sigulda 20:46 20 Aug 2008

My DVD drive and floppy have stopped working. I fitted the floppy drive because people still give me files on floppy disks). They were working fine a couple of days ago. Windows reports that the devices are working. However, I can't access them in Windows Explorer and they don't respond to any disks I insert in them. The only thing I can think of that might have affected them is that I changed some entries in the Startup files recently (using Spybot) because several unwanted programs were starting. I'd be grateful for any suggestions...

  woodchip 21:14 20 Aug 2008

check you have not disturbed the plugs on the motherboard, make sure they are pushed in. only do this with power off at the mains

  woodchip 21:19 20 Aug 2008

If they do not showing in BIOS then it is the Ribbon cables that are not connected right or faulty

  wis 21:22 20 Aug 2008

spybot, have you a restore just before this

  Sigulda 21:34 20 Aug 2008

Thanks for your suggestions. However, the DVD drive uses a SATA connector, and uses completely different cables to the floppy drive. They both show up in the BIOS. They were both working a couple of days ago and appear to have stopped working at the same time.
There is a system restore point, but my computer says is cannot restore the system.

  woodchip 21:37 20 Aug 2008

If you are running Norton on your Computer Try Disabling it, then try restore

  wis 21:40 20 Aug 2008

yep forgot the norton bit

  Sigulda 22:19 20 Aug 2008

I'm not running Norton, but Kaspersky. I tried disabling it but it still won't restore for some reason...

  woodchip 22:22 20 Aug 2008

Then Restore most likely is corrupt.

Check this out to see if it helps click here

  Sigulda 21:31 21 Aug 2008

I've reviewed the changes I made to the startup items and I can't see anythiong there that could account for the problem, so perhaps that is not the issue. I last used the DVD drive about a week ago now.
I'd be grateful for any suggestions as to what else might have caused the problem.

  Shuffty 22:25 21 Aug 2008

Two things I would try
1 try system restore in safe mode 'I have just had to do this',restore to a time before the spybot thing
2 in device manager uninstall them and reboot windows should pick them up again

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