DVD flick/MKV files

  hiwatt 18:52 13 Jun 2011

Hi folks.I use dvd flick to burn various files to dvd.The thing is it takes a long long time to encode and then burn to disc?It's usually AVI files but I'm trying to burn MKV files(2 files,both 45 minutes long and 1.9gb each)and it's taking around 6-7 hours to encode/burn?I was wondring if anyone here uses dvd flick or if there is a better alternative?Thank you.

  ICF 20:08 13 Jun 2011
  eedcam 22:32 13 Jun 2011

Flick does not burn it uses Imgburn and the burn time is minimal its only the converting and authoring that takes the time. Those are large files to convert and doubt if there would be anything much faster . A full 2 hour 4.5 G/byte dvd only takes around 15/20mins at X4 to burn

  ashdav 23:35 13 Jun 2011

Converting video formats depends on the spec of your CPU. It's just number crunching so if you've got a single core (Pentium/Celeron) then it can take hours. Dual core then an hour or so. Quad core 22mins ish.

  hiwatt 10:18 14 Jun 2011

Thanks for the info folks.Can I ask what the difference is between burning direct to dvd and creating an ISO file?Would I not still have to burn the ISO file to dvd to be able to watch it?

  eedcam 12:32 14 Jun 2011

creating an Iso first is the safest way to go reasons you can then check it is watchable (yes you can watch an Iso on the PC) it will behave exactly like a dvd albeit you may need something like VLC player free .. Also if it not watchable you have not wasted a disc . If the iso is ok then you can just burn to dvd when needed and that as I said earlier is only a matter of minutes rather than hours.

  ICF 18:24 14 Jun 2011

I can't see the reason to change the file to an ISO file? Why not just watch the file to see if it's watchable as a MKV file using VLC player.

  ICF 18:33 14 Jun 2011

Why not get one of these WD TV LiveI have one and they are brilliant.No need to convert to DVD anymore just load files onto a usb memory stick plug into player and go.

  eedcam 22:25 14 Jun 2011

agreed he could just watch the MKV on vlc but the OP was about putting it on dvd using dvd flickand the time taken

  bluesbrother 23:14 14 Jun 2011

Try Freemake Video Converter available from PCA Downloads link text

It is fast and reliable.

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