DVD Flick sound out

  ened 17:32 01 Mar 2011

For converting and creating DVD films I have used DVDflick for some years but recently it has been losing sound syncronicity (quite severely).

Can anyone recommend a good (free) alternative or am I going to have to bite the bullet and pay for something?

Alternatively: is there a remedy?

  eedcam 18:57 01 Mar 2011

For free you could use windows movie maker but if with xp youd need to convert to avi first

  ashdav 19:46 01 Mar 2011

This is usually a result of the original file codec.
What files are you using?
MKV and H264 are particularly prone to this as they have variable bit rates.

  ened 06:15 03 Mar 2011

I have checked very carefully and there is perfect synchronisation when I play these films on WMP.

After burning them the sound is out by as much as 2 seconds.

Mainly they are AVIs.

I am experimenting but would like some tips because of the amount of DVDs I am getting through.

eedcam I see from other threads you swear by DVDFlick: what do you think could be going wrong here?

  Les28 09:20 03 Mar 2011

Are you using Flick to create an iso file first, then checking the iso file playback first for syncronicity and if OK later burning the file to disk, or are you doing the transcoding from avi to vob and burning to dvd all in one process?

With you saying you'd never had trouble before but its gradually started and that your original avi's play back OK, I was wondering whether its a consequence of your pc beginning to struggle a bit.

Less free hard drive space, more or different background programs running while you are using Flick, a need for a defrag and tidy up of temp files etc, all the usual things that can cause video editing problems.

If you are not doing the two stage process with Flick, I would give it a try, checking the audio at the iso stage and also check if any housekeeping is needed on the pc itself.

You should be able to check the iso playback using the free VLC media player if WMP won't play it.

  ashdav 09:36 03 Mar 2011

Download Gspot click here.
Open the program and drag the files to the window at the top left corner.
It will tell you what codecs the file is using.
Under Audio does it say VBR?

  eedcam 10:12 03 Mar 2011

Ened whilst flick is generally very good it aint folproof I've known it to sweetly carry on and convert and burn a lot of coloured splishes and splashes that play ok elsewhere.Hence Les says I always make an Iso first. Every chance its just the particular files yoy are converting remeber avi is not a format .One thing have you got the latest version of Flick?

  Les28 10:18 03 Mar 2011

I usually playback iso files using VLC media player, by right clicking on the iso file and selecting Open with scrolling to VLC player from the list and selecting vlc player to play the iso.

If you install VLC player to your pc it may ask during the installation do you want it to be your default player for a whole list of video and audio files, I usually untick all the file types it suggests as I prefer my existing arrangment of assigned players, ie avi, mpeg1 WMP, VOB MPEG2 Cyberlink Power DVD, I just want VLC player and its capabilities for playing most video file types on my pc but not to be the default player for all audio/video file types, I would rather do the right click on the file and select Open with VLC when I want to use VLC to play something rather than VLC taking over my existing file type arrangement, just something to bear in mind when installing VLC or any other player.

click here

Good idea to download GSpot as well as it will tell you the filetypes of your audio and video and whether you have the codecs on your pc to play them.

  ened 12:21 03 Mar 2011

This is a new (homebuilt) pc. I am using the latest version of DVD Flick.

Initially I did have some faulty memory which was replaced and why I have now tried again. It is much worse than before.

I have just checked the files which were created. First off the Audio_TS folder is empty and the Video_TS folder contains .VOB files.

Is any of this significant?

ashdav The codec is 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 and it says CBR.

Am I likely to have more success with this click here

  eedcam 12:46 03 Mar 2011

Mpeg1 is only vcd quality and cbr is constant bit rate even though that should not cause the prob
Audio ts is always empty its a relic from the past and no longer needed.As you have already got the file in a video ts folder try and play one of the vob files it will be one of the large ones(.99 gb) there are only about 4/5 per home made dvd
If that plays alright then its flick and I would try burning using Imgburn which you have and at a very low speed say X4

There was no need to use flick in the first place if you were in a Video ts folder

  Les28 13:39 03 Mar 2011

Am I right in saying, 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 is the audio from your original avi file opened in GSpot?

The video files that were created the video and audio ts folders you mention, where did they come from, are these files on the disk you made which is out of synch?

We might be getting a bit mixed up otherwise here if we don't know what exactly you are refering to.

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