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  smartdave 13:16 08 Aug 2004

I have installed a DVD Rom drive on my ageing W98 machine. It is an AMD K6-2 400 machine with AGP 2x. The current graphics card is a ATI xpert 98 with 8MB.

Years ago I set up a Pentium II 450 with DVD drive for someone. This kept on crashing while playing films, resulting in several reboots. My machine runs DVD films/music videos very poorly. The sound out of sync with the video and the video jerky/pixelated.

Years ago, it was said you either needed a "graphics accelerator and MPEG2 decoder card" or software to do this together with a really fast processor capable of handling such high demands. The Cyberlink power DVD software bundled with the drive presumably acts as a software based MPEG2 decoder.

I have seen Radeon 9200SE 128MB cards for £25, but they are for 8x agp or 4x. Will they work with my mobo. WIll they improve the performance? Do they include MPEG2 decoders, thereby alleviating the strain on my cpu? Should I buy an old radeon 7000 instead if my mobo can't handle a really modern card.

  Totally-braindead 13:23 08 Aug 2004

I'm not trying to be offensive but your PC is just too slow, WinDVD states it needs a minimum 400mhz if I remember correctly and you know how manufacturers are regarding minimum requirements (by this I mean if it says needs Pentium 500 on the box it'll probably need a 800). Thats not to say that your DVDs won't play its just you'll have problems pictures breaking up etc. The only solution I can think of, other than getting a new PC, is to get a hardware decoder card which you've already mentioned.

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