DVD faulty?

  Alf58 21:08 04 Apr 2006

I bought Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD and find there is a fault when I use it on my Bush DVD player. Firstly it makes a sound like an outboard motor and at certain points in the film it pixilates and then freezes this usually after it has threatened to do so for a couple of minutes prior.

It plays ok on the DVD player in my computer although it still makes the outboard motor noise. Do you think it is a fault with the disc or with my Bush DVD player which is less than a year old? Are some commercial DVDs manufactured with faults that makes them a little cranky so they play ok in one machine but not others?

Other DVDs play ok on the Bush DVD player. I would appreciate opinions and advice. Oh by the way I have cleaned the disc with a special DVD cleaning wipe and have cleaned the BUSH DVD player with an Allsop Multie media laser lens cleaner.

  pipedream 21:11 04 Apr 2006

Could be a manufacturing fault - I've got a Dad's Army DVD(!) which locks up in a specific place every time, but there are no scratches etc. on the disc. Some players may be more fussy about playing DVD's with these faults than others. I'd take/send the Harry Potter DVD back for a replacement if you can.

  Alf58 21:16 04 Apr 2006

Yes, I will probably take it back but what bothers me is that the replacement DVD could have the same fault as the original. Why does it play OK in the computer DVD player but not the Bush? Have you tried your DAds Army DVD in another machine?

  bluto1 22:52 04 Apr 2006

For some time now I`ve had a similar problem. If I played a DVD in my stand alone it would stop and I`d have to do finger gymnastics to get it going again. In my PC it worked perfectly. Situation lasted until great nephew came for a visit and "rewired" my TV and DVD and VHS recorder. I do not know what he did, but as he will, in all probability, outlast me, I`ll know where to find him if it happens again.
I hope your problem is as easy to solve. I`ll have a glass of red please!

  bluto1 22:53 04 Apr 2006

FOR alf56 read alf58

  terryf 00:22 05 Apr 2006

Yes, I have found that the sequence of connecting up the scart sockets is a black art, I had ghosting until I was told to replace the scart leads with good quality gold plated (and that was a gold plated price too) but it worked, maybe it might be less than good quality scart leads in your case?

  Belatucadrus 10:39 05 Apr 2006

The outboard motor noise could indicate that the disk is unbalanced, at the speed they spin at, it doesn't take much. I'd get the disk replaced.

  Stuartli 12:32 05 Apr 2006

>>at the speed they spin at, it doesn't take much>>

DVD disks spin at considerably slower speeds than a CD.

  Alf58 14:34 05 Apr 2006

Thanks for all the replies. The suggestion about the balance is an interesting one. Can I just make it clear: the vast majority of DVDs play fine on my standalone Bush DVD player so it sure isnt the scart connections. The more I think about it the more I conclude the Harry Potter DVD is faulty.

  Belatucadrus 17:51 05 Apr 2006

But in this case apparently enough to get it to wobble off axis.

  pipedream 18:59 06 Apr 2006

No I haven't tried the DVD in another drive yet, but no other DVD has played up.

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