Dvd encoded in two chapters

  Rosalie86 09:46 14 Apr 2007

Could anyone please help!!!
I've saved a home dvd on my hardrive (There are no breaks on the dvd)using 'Nero encode' But it has saved it in two chapters, After 28 minutes It goes two chapter two.. for the last 15 minutes....

Any advise would great
Many thanks!!!

  kinger 15:02 14 Apr 2007

It sounds as though you have got auto chapters swithced on. This is when the software recognises a change in the source material and starts a new chapter to help with editing.

There must be a way to disengage this feature.

  Rosalie86 19:16 15 Apr 2007

Hi Kinger!!!

Thanks for getting back to me!!! Can't see any auto chapters to switch off... Out of interest I put the dvd in my drive and went to explore. It shows the two chapters!!! So I thought it was a setting when I recorded video to dvd on my dvd recorder.. However out of interest I put in a factory dvd in the d drive and went to explore and it shows 6 chapters....mmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Also, I'm using dvd+ discs, I don't know if this would make any difference..

Any advise 'Kinger' would be great. This is really driving me 'NUTS'.. Cheers

  Rosalie86 20:08 15 Apr 2007

Sorry 'Kinger' theres something else!!!

The first chapter is 0.99GB then it changes to chapter 2 for the remaining 452MB or so..

  MAJ 20:18 15 Apr 2007

Does Nero Encode have a 1GB limit, maybe before you have to pay extra.

  eedcam 22:43 15 Apr 2007

All Vob files are set to 1 Gig limit (.99) not to be confused with chapters. never the less you should be able to play without a break. What format was the original movie on

  Rosalie86 08:58 16 Apr 2007

I used my dvd recorder machine to copy a vhs video to dvd!!!!
The main thing is that when I come to edit the the files on the hardrive (I'm using nero incase I haven't said) What I see on the screen is correct, going by what the manual says... But I see two chapters of footage!!!! Is there a way of joining them up...

Many thanks.

  eedcam 18:11 16 Apr 2007

When you copy your vhs to dvd its nowt to do with chapters the dvd recorder will split it into iGB FIles ie V-ts 01 and so with the last one probably being several hundredmb. have alook at the dvd in my computer and see what it says be something like v_ts_01 I never use Nero but just checked and both importing from disc or from the hardrive it saw it as one title. Is ir coming up as Title 1 when you import

  Rosalie86 10:02 18 Apr 2007

Thanks for getting back!!!

I've managed to get both 'VOB files' together by using 'DVD Decryter' 'I think' I say that because to be honest I've mess around with this so much I can't remember...
Once I used the 'DVD Decryter' I could edit the whole piece... Is there a easier way???? I get the feeling I've gone the long way round...

  eedcam 18:06 18 Apr 2007

Ha the joys of video editing. How and what did you use to get the original onto your hard drive. Nero is not the best of programmes if its camcorder stuff you would be better off using a decent one. Nevertheless you should be be able to import as one title to Nero.

  Rosalie86 09:45 19 Apr 2007

The original was on a dvd which needed editing!!! Which I've managed to do but, it's been save as a 'Document.nvc' file.. and when I think I'm following the right process to burn it, I get right to the end and it says 'Burn as image' 'insert cd-r' mmmmmmmmmmmm....

But nothing..

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