DVD editing - How much Disk space needed?

  Jester2K 18:41 09 Feb 2004

Been badgered into asking - i said it depends on the amount of video you are editing - but is there a guide to how much disk space video editing for burning to DVD needs?

Can it be measured in Gb / min of video?

Is 40 Gb enough?

Is 120 Gb too much / overkill?

Will Windows XP support 2 x 120Gb drives? Will there be any BIOS limitations / problems with 120 Gb drives (assume brand new motherboard)?

  christmascracker 19:14 09 Feb 2004

I'm sure I read somewhere (though cant remember where) that 1 hour will take up approx 12 gig.

  powerless 19:18 09 Feb 2004

" Will Windows XP support 2 x 120Gb drives? Will there be any BIOS limitations / problems with 120 Gb drives (assume brand new motherboard)? "

Depends on the current motherboard obviously, but my A7V333 has no problem with 2x120GB and XP does not complain.

  y_not 19:45 09 Feb 2004

It depends on the capture format which, in turn depends upon the CPU & graphics card ability.

Capture to .avi if the hardware is lower spec or MPEG if system allows.

I run a low spec PC specifically for video work, capture as .avi and work from there. Use a Duron 700 (Yes! thats all!), 384Mb DDR RAM, 2 x 80Gb HDD's (7200/2Mb cache), ATI VIVO card (128Mb), & firewire card (because I use VHS & DV Camcorder) - works fine and ALWAYS have plenty of HDD space.

Not an exact answer but gives an idea of what works for me.

p.s. Thanks for all my questions you've answered over the months/years

  Chegs ® 19:50 09 Feb 2004

My Gigabyte board has no troubles with 2x120Gb SATA RAID(which shows as 240Gb hdd)and an additional 15Gb hdd.Video files depend alot on extension used,if .AVI,I presently have 19 mins of video thats 4.02Gb's size.As DVD's are slightly lesser quality than .AVI,an hours worth DVD is still only about 4-5 Gbs.I tend to copy video to pc in MPEG2(saves a bit on rendering for DVD creation)and an hours worth of MPEG is 2.5Gbs.(these are approx sizes)

  temp003 05:43 10 Feb 2004

Assume that your friend's trying to put video footage on a DV camcorder on to a DVD to be played on a home player?

click here and scroll down to "How much disk space ..."

The figure given there is for 2 hours of video (source being DV camcorder, and average quality when encoding in mpeg2), so about 15GB to have both the input and output files on the computer at the same time.

The output file (for burning as DVD-Video) can be up to about 4GB if you use the max quality when encoding in mpeg2 (9.8Mbits per second for video, and 912 kbps for audio), but unlikely your friend'll need to do that.

  Jester2K 07:35 10 Feb 2004

Right so 40 - 60 Gb should be enough to edit a few hours of his home movies on to DVD. I thought 240 Gb was going to be too much!

I'll suggest he adds a second drive to his current PC and use it just for the video editing.

Cheers all...

Incidentally on temp003's link it mentions "I tried converting it to DVD format but it takes about 10 hours for 45 min. is that normal?? "

The answer given is "Yes". I assume that in 2002 the computing power was much less than today and this time is now reduced some-what (assuming fairly up to date spec)?

  lightfeet 07:38 10 Feb 2004

I have only recently started video editing on my PC but the file size of the few that I have done appears to be fairly consistent. I download from the camcorder as AVI which gives a file size of approx 12 Gb per hour then to copy to DVD this is converted to MPEG2 with a file size of approx. 2.5 Gb per hour. Therefore each hour of recording needs approx. 14.5 Gb HD space.

By the way Jester2K thanks for your freeware Reminder Alarm – I find it an essential addition to my desktop & use it every day.

  Jester2K 07:57 10 Feb 2004


  ventanas 08:28 10 Feb 2004

About time I said thanks for this Reminder program as well.

Thanks Jester2K.

  Chegs ® 08:46 10 Feb 2004

Most operations I do on my pc with video (rendering)seem to take approx 1½ hours,using TempGenc(on default settings)although I usually set off the pc afore departing for bed,so I'm not about to time it.I get really frustrated by MovieMaker,as it monopolises the desktop while it does its thing,and if I try to use pc for another task(card game,etc)MM quits midway,with a message about resolution changed,etc.

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