DVD Drives not recognising CDs on 1st PC Build

  LeedsLass 14:49 18 Nov 2005


I'm builing my 1st PC and have done everything and been successful so far. I have loaded Windows XP Home and in Windows Explorer I can see one of my DVD drives but not the other. Both have power to them and if I insert a CD they whirr and sound like they're reading it but nothing actualy happens and Windows asks me what I would like to do with blank CDs in the future. The problem is they're not blank CDs (they're software CDs) and the DVD drive (at least one of them) must have worked at some point as I've loaded Win XP and the motherboard CD has been in one of them but for some bizarre reason they don't seem to be able to read the CDs.
Anyone have any idea what is wrong as I just can't think what it may be (a case of can't see the woods for the trees I think).

I have the CD cable running from the motherboard to the first DVD drive and then onto the second one (as there's two slots?? on the ribbon cable) and they can't be in the wrong way round as there's a pin missing on one side so it can only go in one way.


  BurrWalnut 14:51 18 Nov 2005

It may sound obvious but have you set one to master and the other to slave?

  LeedsLass 14:57 18 Nov 2005

How would I do that?

  LeedsLass 15:03 18 Nov 2005

OBTW, same happens with my floppy drive - all lights come on but says "please insert a disk into drive a" but there is one in there.

  Skyver 15:07 18 Nov 2005

If the floppy drive light is on all the time, you need to flip the data cable over and reconnect.
The CD and DVD will have small rows of pins between the power and data cables - you should see markings in line with the pins, M S C or something similar - the jumper that covers two of the pins is what determines whether the drive is Master (M) or Slave (S) (C - Cable select isn't much used these days). Set one drive to master and one to slave by moving the small lug covering a pair of pins. Do this with the machine off, restart, go into BIOS and see if it detects the drives properly.

  BurrWalnut 15:09 18 Nov 2005

On the rear of the DVD drives is a little jumper and on the top of the drive is a diagram explaining the different settings. One of the drives should be set to master and the other to slave.

  LeedsLass 15:13 18 Nov 2005

Ok I'll try and get back to you - thanx for your replies

  LeedsLass 15:54 18 Nov 2005

You guys are stars!! Thanx so much!

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