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  h3z 20:38 29 Jul 2005

I recently bought a new dvd writer which came with a cd containing powerDVD I used the disk on my xp machine and it worked perfectly. I have just reformatted my pc but can't find my disk. This means that the drive won't work. Is there somewhere where i can get a new copy of the disk???

thanks in advanc

  Cuddles 21:10 29 Jul 2005
  DieSse 22:25 29 Jul 2005

The drive will work OK - it just won't be able to play DVD films.

You should be able to buy a new CD of Power DVD from almost anywhere - be careful, the download link above is for a trial version only.

I expect you got an OEM version with your drive - they are MUCH cheaper - see if you can sweet talk the place you got your drive from - or a friendly local shop.


click here

click here=

  Stuartli 00:06 30 Jul 2005

If you recently bought the DVD rewriter, how did you manage to lose the disk so quickly?

  h3z 15:34 01 Aug 2005

in my house it is quite easy too lose things so quickly!!!

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