DVD Driver problem

  Mark10 12:44 05 Apr 2005

Hello all, can I tap into your collective knowlage? A mate of mine has reinstalled his windows (win ME ) and everything works fine except his DVD drive. Its a DVD-ROM and will only read CD's not DVD's. The drive is a Ultima electronics (also ARTEC) DHM-G48 x16 dvd rom. I've been all over the internet to find a driver but to no avail. I've been to both the Ultima and ARTEC websites but the drivers there are no good. Device manager says the driver installed is the standard windows CD driver year 2000. Does anyone out there in PCA land have one of these drives and could possibly email it to me? Or know where I can get one. Thanks to you all in advance.

  Fellsider 13:12 05 Apr 2005

Is the problem that it will not play DVDs?

  Mark10 13:19 05 Apr 2005

It wont read dvd's at all either data or video dvd's. I have tried to load some software from DVD but the drive wont access it. If you pop in a CD it works fine. I ended up copying some software from the DVD and burning it to CD so my mate could load it on his machine.

  DieSse 13:22 05 Apr 2005

A DVD drive can do two very different things. It can raed DVD-ROMS - ie data disks - for which it needs no drivers or special software.

It can also play films - for which it needs film playing sofware - this is not part of Windows.

Power DVD is a well known film player, as is Win-DVD - there are many others - if you put DVD film player software into a google search you can look for shareware and freeware ones too.

  Fellsider 13:22 05 Apr 2005

With video DVDs you will need a prog like PowerDVD but I would have thought there shouldn't be a problem with data.

Unless anyone else knows different.

  DieSse 13:25 05 Apr 2005

Sorry we all posted at once, so I didn't see your responses.

The windows driver "should" work - normally CD and DVD units do not need drivers, they are all so standard that the Windows drivers should suffice.

It's also possible the unit is faulty - it's quite possible for only the DVD side of things to have failed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 05 Apr 2005

1. check ide cable fully inserted in rear of drive and at motherboard

2. swap cable with other and retest

3. uninstall reinstall driivers and retest.

4. faulty laser in driver.

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