DVD drive will not work

  Gosford 22:35 28 Feb 2003

I have a samsung DVD drive and until recently it has been working perfectly, but now when I insert a disc of any kind it will not play and does not even recognise that there is a disc it there at all.
Could this be a problem with the driver or is it more likely to be a hardware problem?
My computer is running Windows 98.
Any help would be apprieciated.

  DieSse 22:43 28 Feb 2003

Most likely it's a faulty drive. Optical drives seem to be by far the highest failure rate items in PCs.

  g0slp 22:48 28 Feb 2003

I had a similar problem with a Samsung DVD player last year. After several checks of drivers, DVD software reinstallation etc, the drive had to be replaced. Oh yes, I checked all cables were secure as well.

The Driver can be checked by right-clicking "my Computer", then selecting "Properties". Next select the Device Manager tab, then highlight the CD-ROM line, & the DVD Drive, then right-click it, & again select "Properties". You can see from there if the driver's OK as far as the 'puter's concerned.

I'm presuming that it just stopped working, & you haven't done anything to your software, of course.

Best of luck.

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