DVD drive will not recognise any media

  _chris_ 16:19 18 Jul 2004

I'm using an Evesham system with Windows XP. Tried to copy one of my cd's for use in the car the other day by placing the original cd in the dvd drive and the blank cd in the cdr drive but dvd drive won't recognise anything has been inserted. I've just tried placing a dvd in the same drive and it won't recognise that either. Any ideas please ?

  woodchip 16:34 18 Jul 2004

Put the CD you want to copy in the CDRW, in NERO just choose copy it will ask for a disc when it's ready

  andrew-196854 18:22 18 Jul 2004

i had the same problem i even did a clean reinstall still would not work bought a new one in the end works fine now

  THE TERMINATOR 19:09 18 Jul 2004

click here and install the repair wizard for autoplay....TT

  _chris_ 19:33 18 Jul 2004

@woodchip - not sure If I understand you right but the cd I need to copy needs to be in the DVD as the writing has to be done via the CDR drive. The DVD drive is not rewriteable.

@The Terminator - Downloaded the autoplay fixer which shows two problems
1. Legacy Autoplay event
2. Autoplay v2 event
Trying to fix either problem brings up the same response i.e. The device is malfunctioning or the wizard cannot determine the problem.

@dibblydufus - I sincerely hope thats not necessary. I have to say that even though the system is two years old, I've only used that drive about half a dozen times in total. Isn't it just the way that things begin to go wrong when just out of warranty. The cooling fan is also real noisy now. I had my Mesh system for 6 years and although there were a few issues with it the fan lasted just fine. I don't see why this one would become so noisy after a couple of years ! Wondering If I should chance my arm by going back to Evesham ?

Thanks for the responses so far, any other ideas ?

  flyingpeterpan 20:11 18 Jul 2004

To copy a cd, you don't relly need a dvd player, put the original cd in the cdrw and press copy in Nero, it will make an image on the hard drive,and then it will eject the cd & ask for a blank media.About the noisy cooling fan, just take it out, dust it and if you dare, put some WD40 on the bearing, wipe away the excessive oil, that should do the trick.

  woodchip 20:12 18 Jul 2004

Yes I know! just follow what I said above the CD does not need to be in the DVD unless it is a DVD That you want to copy. If it's a music CD put it in the CDRW it will copy to Hard drive after you click copy in NERO then it will as for a blank disc to write to.

  _chris_ 21:18 18 Jul 2004

Thanks for the explanation flyingpeterpan. I will try that next time I want to copy a cd. Not sure I'm brave enough to try the WD 40 thing...lol. Its actually a vibration, If I tap the fan guard on the back of the tower unit it stops for a while.

So no one has any idea how to get the DVD drive working or what the problem could be ?

  flyingpeterpan 21:52 18 Jul 2004

I think your dvd drive's had its time, you can get one for less than £25 and it's easy to fit, so as the cooling fan,your PC is working fine by the way.

  PATRIOT 13:48 01 Jan 2005

Hi, I have a similar problem with my PC running XP Home SP2,in that that my drive fails to recognise when a disc is inserted. I found that by uninstalling the driver ( via Device Manager) and restarting the PC all works well for a while. It's not a solution, but it may help others to identify the cause of the problem.

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