DVD drive turns into CD drive why??????

  raggy 2 12:34 21 Dec 2005

Hi guys I have recently put on this site about having problems burning dvd's and I have noticed that when I put a blank DVD disc in to burn my DVD drive goes from DVD(F) to CD(F) why?? is this my problem as when the disc comes out it goes back to DVD(F) it is a pioneer 108 DVD-RW and I also have a toshiba DVD-ROM please help

  raggy 2 13:54 21 Dec 2005

come on people please help

  BurrWalnut 14:06 21 Dec 2005

I haven't checked my DVD-RW drive but I suspect Windows shows it as a CD drive because there is no in-built DVD burning software (until Vista arrives).

  Shortstop 14:15 21 Dec 2005

I have noticed the same thing, but don't view it as a problem. If I want to burn a DVD I just use Roxio and change the type of disc to DVD that I want to burn. This seems to force Windows to recognise it again as a DRD-RW. Maybe BurrWalnut is right - I don't think DRD-RW drives were around when I first got this PC & the OS, so maybe it just defaults to what it knows?

Like I say, not a problem.



  Stuartli 15:43 21 Dec 2005

CD and DVD drives and rewriters are treated the same by Windows and use the same basic Windows CDROM driver.

You can easily check by looking in System Information.

In the case of a rewriter it's the burning program such as Nero that allows the drive to perform its intended function.

  Walterwill 17:28 09 Jan 2006

Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem. After I've copied a movie the dvd drive suddenly couldn't read dvd's anymore and when inserting a blank dvd it turns into a cd drive. I've installed recent firmware, but nothing helps. If you've found the right way to overcome this I'd really be happy to know about it. I've 24 fresh dvd's waiting to be burned.

  raggy 2 11:39 10 Jan 2006

Yes I got the answer to this from someone else but not sure if it will help you but here goes.
After transfering to your Hard drive, on your software you have to render it, I did this by making the film into an MPEG file first and then using nero copied into onto a DVD and it worked, but it seems my problem may have been my memory being at minimum so check this as studio 8 which i use requires 500mb and win XP 200-300 and i only have 756mb. Hope this helps

  canard 22:41 10 Jan 2006

Try a putting a film DVD in drive - play a bit of it. If this fails uninstall nero and reinstall- not a bad idea to leave off the progs you don't use.

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