DVD Drive Problem

  Phoenix40 20:15 26 Jul 2010

Hello i wonder if someone can help me. I have a Packard Tower unit computer with Vista Wins. I have carelessly put a cd game into my DVD drive and am unable to get it out. It sounds as if its continously going around i have tried to eject it but it wont work. So i appreciate if anyone who has experienced this problem can get back to me soon. This is the first time this has happened to me thanks for any help soon.

  Im a diddy 20:17 26 Jul 2010

this video is probably easiest way to show you.
click here

  Phoenix40 20:38 26 Jul 2010

Hello thank you for your reply. I finally somehow manage to get it open in the end. It just finally opened up sometime after i asked it to eject. But i will still take note of your video for future needs thanks.

  woodchip 20:49 26 Jul 2010

First try Right click the drive and choose Eject. Next Restart PC and press eject button as its starting

  Phoenix40 22:07 26 Jul 2010

Hello thank you for both of your replies but i had at the time of the problem tried both of those technics that were suggested. I tried the paperclip method but with these tower unit type computers i could only find one hole near the bottom where the lid opens out. I put the paperclip in but nothing happened. But like the last person suggested i had try to use the eject request in the drop down menu but seemed to have failed for awhile until while i was on the internet the door finally opened up suddenly.Its an old cd of a game i had not used in this computer , i realise some games do take a while to start up to install. But with this one nothing happened and i could hear it keep spinning in the drive, thats why i wanted to get it out and couldnt for a while. Well thanks for all your help anyway.

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