DVD drive not reading files

  mikeytage 13:54 21 Feb 2008

Hi there, I recently bought a new PC and now I am having trouble with the DVD drive. I've asked the repair service that services these PC's and they're as clueless as I am.
I have several DVDs that I burnt on my last PC that have home movies on that I first converted into AVI format before putting on the disc. This meant that I could fit several recordings on one disc and play them back on my PC at my own leisure.
Unfortunately, I put these discs in my new PC's drive and all I get is a single CDA audio file showing up in the explorer window. The AVI files don't show up at all and i cannot open them with any program that I have.
The drive itself functions perfectly otherwise and I have had no other problems with it.
The drive that I have is a TSST corp CDDVDW SH-S202J run with the latest Microsoft driver.
Thanks in advance!

  jack 14:07 21 Feb 2008

In a word Finalize
Disks of this nature should be finalized[closed in the system that generated them]
Otherwise they will not be available in other drives

Has this been done?

Also DVD playing software such as
W/Media player/ or Power DVD or/VLC[free download] is usually required

  mikeytage 14:57 21 Feb 2008

WMP, Power DVD and VLC don't work unfortunately. I was able to finalise one of the discs but the rest were already finalised on the other system, so at least I've got one! Thanks for that! Any idea what may be up with the other discs?

  eedcam 15:25 21 Feb 2008

Looking at worst case scenario you could try the trial version of cd roller and see if that can see the files .This can even see unfinalised files from dvd recorder. Not a so;ution but at least if it sees them you are in with a shout
click here

  mikeytage 16:00 21 Feb 2008

CDRoller just crashes everytime I put one of the discs in unfortunately.

  mikeytage 16:05 21 Feb 2008

I found an alternative to CDroller called IsoBuster and it's working great!
Thanks for all your help everyone!

  eedcam 18:12 21 Feb 2008

Glad your sorted

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