DVD Drive not reading blank discs

  mark-pc 08:41 20 Jun 2010

My DVD drive will read written discs but will not see blank ones. I have tried 3 different types to no avail. In Explorer my drive displays as
DVD-RAM (D:). When I insert a blank DVD the drive in explorer changes to CD Drive (D:). When I then click on that, I get an error displayed
"D:\ is not accessible - Incorrect function"

I have tried deleting the drive in Device Manager and restarting the PC.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

  Atlantic Man 09:53 20 Jun 2010

Do not delete the drive, if you do that you may not be able to use it anymore- however windows will re-insert the driver, i think, cause it is plug and play hardware.

Make sure the disk you use is a DVD- cause if you insert a normal disk it would change to CD-drive- also make sure that DVD is written on the frontside of the dvd-rom.

Otherwise it could be a spyware hi-jack- download free Mallware-bytes and scan PC


  eedcam 10:02 20 Jun 2010

That is probably just windows usual uselessness .Mines always shows that but every other burner on my pc sees the blank .
Install something decent like Imgburn its free and is a very good burner
click here

  mark-pc 09:18 21 Jun 2010

Thanks for the info.

I deleted the drive and it reinstalled successfully.

I certainly used a DVD but the drive is changing to CD.

eedcam, are you suggesting that a burner might read the disk where Windows isn't?

  eedcam 18:24 21 Jun 2010

Not suggesting. It will. Imgburn will even telll you the make of disc etc., As I said In explorer I get the same result as you do but ass I would never contemplate using windows for burning And all my other burners see it
OK so never use explore

  mark-pc 21:29 21 Jun 2010

Thank you. The free version of Imgburn will only burn CD's and not DVD's. I have Roxio and have tried that - its works fine!

  eedcam 22:06 21 Jun 2010

Thats funny I burn on average 2 dvd;s aweek with imgburn you must have some other problem.

  mark-pc 22:59 21 Jun 2010

I didn't try it. On the website it says that the free version will only burn CD's.

  northumbria61 23:48 21 Jun 2010

IMGBURN - for CD/DVD/HD-DVD/BLUE RAY - download from here -

click here

  ashdav 23:51 21 Jun 2010

Are you using XP?
As I recall it doesn't support DVDs natively hence why the drive shows CD.
You have to use third party software such as Roxio,Nero,etc.
It's not a fault as such just the limitations of XP.

  eedcam 05:47 22 Jun 2010

Mark you loked at the wrong bit you should have scrolled down the page to the next paragraph.You can have a dvd burning with imgburn by the time roxio would still be loading

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